Choose your profile photo on social media: here's how

Choosing a profile photo on Facebook: the essential guide

Choosing the Facebook profile photo seems an easy action, but in reality it is more complicated than you might think. Assuming that the image we will choose will be the first thing that will appear to other users of the well-known social network, we need to choose a photo that well represents our personality and our way of being.
Let's find out how to choose the most suitable profile photo in a few simple steps.

The first thing to consider is the fact that in your photo you will have to be recognizable. Then choose a recent photo, in which your face occupies a good percentage of the space available in the box dedicated to the profile image.
Brands and commercial logos should be avoided: the first impact is what matters, and it is better to choose a person from a vector image.

Focus the attention of users on your face; therefore avoid covering it or making other elements in the image stand out.
Much better then to appear alone rather than surrounded by other people or, worse still, pets. An image with too many protagonists would divert attention from your figure and put you in the background.

Increasingly social networks are becoming an advertising vehicle at work level: it is therefore preferable to show the best and most professional side of oneself, avoiding to upload images of "nudity".
You also take great care of the look, making sure that it matches your person as much as possible, especially if you use the LinkedIn social network, a platform dedicated to the professional sphere.

Very important detail: smile! A pouting photo is certainly not a good advertising vehicle for your image.
However, be careful to avoid the opposite, that is, expressions that are too blatant of jubilation: the risk is to appear too "revelers" in the eyes of those who are watching you.
Preferable to avoid the selfie (/ iol_link) (fashion increasingly popular but more suitable for teenagers), better to upload a photo taken by third parties.

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