Chris Hemsworth, actor: biography and curiosities

Chris Hemsworth, actor: biography and curiosities

Chris Hemsworth is a famous actor of Australian origin, considered among the most beautiful men on the planet. Here is all the information about the actor

Chris Hemsworth is the idol of many Italian teenagers, and he is also one of the most appreciated actors in the world. The actor, born in Melbourne on August 12, 1983, is known to have appeared on the big screen as Thor, the god of thunder, a Marvel Cinematic Universe character. Outside of Marvel-produced films, he has had important parts in films such as "Rush", "Snow White and the Hunter", "Heart of the Sea" and "The Avengers". He is considered one of the sexiest men in the world. Born as the second of 3 brothers, all actors, he started working in some television productions during his adolescence.

In 2002 he starred in the TV series "Ginvera Jones", where he played the role of King Arthur. At the same time he also appeared in soap operas such as "Marshall Law" and "Neighbors". The first turning point in his career came in 2004, when Chris Hemsworth joined the cast of the soap opera "Home and Away". This work experience ended on July 3, 2007, after 170 episodes. Between the filming of one film and the other, he participated in some television programs, such as Dancing with the Stars, Australian edition. An even greater success came when Chris had the opportunity to star in "Star Trek", directed by the brilliant director J. J. Abrams. In the television series he played George Samuel Kirk, father of the popular in the 90s Captain Kirk.

He subsequently collaborated with Sean Bean on the film "Cash Game", and had a leading role in "A Perfect Getaway". The success on a global scale, however, only came in 2009, when he got the part of Thor, in the first film of the Marvel saga. The film changed it radically. As Chris Hemsworth himself tells, he had to train hard to gain muscle mass, and became more like Lasse Matberg, the Viking of the Norwegian navy.

He later resumed the part in the movie "Thor: The Dark World" and "Avengers: Age of Ultron". The two films served him as a springboard to further increase his fame. In 2013 he took part in the film "Rush", directed by Ron Howard, in which he played the role of the pilot James Hunt. In 2010 Chris married Australia with actress Elsa Pataky, with whom he had 3 children: Tristan, Sasha and India Rose. At the height of his career, the Australian actor does not seem to be intent on quitting and in the last year he has starred in the film "Ghostbusters", the famous adaptation of a cult film of the 90s, directed by Paul Feig.

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