Christina Aguilera's miraculous diet: so she came back thin

Christina Aguilera's miraculous diet: so she came back thin

Christina Aguilera skinny, goodbye to the curvy icon

He had woven the praise of forms, entrusting the splendid "Beatiful" with an extreme defense of the freedom to be different from the unreachable and dishonest cultural models for young Americans and not only in conflict with their own image. And with the balance. Yet even she, Christina Aguilera, a curvy icon in spite of herself has succumbed and has undergone a strict diet that would have made her look as you see her now.

A decision perhaps dictated by her announced participation in the second edition of the talent The Voice that exposes her to cameras and press that has fueled the rumors, leaked after this sudden weight loss, relating to an alleged liposuction added to an abdomosculpture to which she would have been subjected.

Rumors that followed one another as they approached the debut of Aguilera, which had never hidden its tendency to gain weight and a certain self-satisfaction in presenting itself proudly different from the stereotypes imposed by the showbiz. "I'm fat and I'm fine in my body, make a reason for it," she had brazenly replied to those who provoked her on this topic supporting that large portion of Americans and Americans affected by obesity and overweight.

A version of the Aguilera that has affected a limited season of his life and career, considering the progressive loss testified by the images we offer you and by the (even unpleasant) questions posed by the press on the matter. The singer, as reiterated by herself, loves the 7 day color diet or a diet that plans to eat only foods of the same color every day but alone could have made her so thin and in such a short time?

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