Christmas 2013: what to give to our children and how to choose

Christmas 2013: gifts for children

Always buy toys in line with the age of the child and bought from reliable dealers who guarantee their safety. These are some of the suggestions contained in the special 'Playing helps to grow' published on the website of the Ministry of Health in view of Christmas. In addition to the tips on how to 'match' the right game for every age, the section of the site contains the main safety rules relating to games and useful tips, for example on the fact that 'a puppy is not a game' or the importance of giving objects that encourage physical activity.

"The game helps to acquire the ability to gain experience – remember the experts of the Ministry -. By playing, we learn to express our creativity. And creativity helps us to find out who we are and to become aware of ourselves as individuals. It is thanks to the game that the first steps can be taken towards the experience of autonomy from the mother, which favors the growth of the child ". Some tips also concern video games, one of the main wishes of children, not to be 'demonized' but which have contraindications. "It is important that the child devotes an adequate amount of time to video games and that he uses only those suitable for his age – reads -. Video games must in fact be chosen and used wisely, limiting their use, together with the TV, to a total maximum of 2 hours a day, possibly not in the early morning or in the evening before going to sleep. Finally, let's dispel the myth that all video games are intended for children; when buying a video game it is important to read the contents and look for the indication of the age group to which the game is aimed on the box ".

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