Christmas crafts to do alone or with children

Christmas crafts to do alone or with children

Discover the best Christmas crafts to do alone or with the help of your children

Dedicating to Christmas chores is not only a fun and creative pastime but also a way to spend hours in peace alone, with your family, your other half or your children. The inspirations for many Christmas crafts are endless: from ideas with paper to those with pine cones, from DIY decorations to centerpieces, creating yourself at a table with scissors, glue, ribbons or glitter is incredibly relaxing in the festive weeks.

From Christmas chores for children to Christmas chores for adults: Christmas is everyone's party and the time to try your hand at yourself or with your family. From simple, easy and quick ideas to the most complex inspirations, which require creativity, time and imagination; in the weeks leading up to and in the days following Christmas, you can indulge in composing pieces for home decor, transforming your home and your table and, why not, maybe even your own Christmas looks. But what are the most beautiful and curious Christmas jobs? Here are some suggestions for using your free time in a useful and creative way.


  • Christmas chores to do with the children
  • Christmas crafts for adults

Christmas chores to do with the children

Children are the most enthusiastic in the art of chores at home, and often also the best. It is no coincidence that they "train" from primary school and, in the weeks leading up to Christmas, they try their hand at many creative possibilities, from Santa Claus to stained glass windows, from DIY lights to place cards made with glue, markers and cardboard.

But which are the subjects that lend themselves most to the creative bricolage of the little ones?

  • Santa Claus;
  • angels;
  • trees;
  • gift boxes;
  • reindeer and sleigh;
  • snowman;
  • elves and goblins.

Christmas craft ideas for kids

For example, the tree, a classic symbol of Christmas, can be made in many ways and for many uses. For example, you can use a green cardboard to be cut into triangles that will be glued on the stick of a popsicle, then colored with markers or crayons to make the balls. You can also take gold or silver glitter (they are sold in stationery or e-shops) to make garlands and make your trees even more realistic. These can then become knick-knacks or even placeholders, if the names of the diners are written on the "trunk" (ie the stick of the popsicle).

The same thing could be done with Santa Claus or the angels: just choose red and white cardboard and paint and cut them (always with round-tipped scissors, let's not forget) to create your favorite shapes.

Or you can make special tree-shaped dishes, using those in white or green cardboard and folding them in half, and then coloring them with tempera and watercolors (then they will be preserved in beauty, like home furnishings). Or you can also make special tree-shaped napkins, folding four or five green and identical ones (in fabric or paper) to create a Christmas composition.

Christmas paper crafts are among the most popular; it is not always necessary to go to obtain A4 paper and cardboard but you can also opt for creative recycling, using for example the finished rolls of toilet paper. Just cover them with tissue paper and color them with markers to make beautiful napkin holders in the shape of a bust or jacket of Santa Claus, adding the buttons and the belt with its golden buckle.

With paper, cardboard or cardboard boxes (which always circulate in abundance during the gift period) you can also create together with your children delicious DIY decorations for your own fir, real or fake. Using cardboard or cardboard and scissors, you can get trees to paint and hang from the branches or angels, or even snowmen, to be colored with tempera and decorated with buttons glued to represent the eyes, or balls if it is a sapling.

Even gift paper can be an excellent starting point to realize many ideas: green paper rolled and wrapped around cardboard cylinders (one of these can always be the toilet paper roll once finished) can become the idea for making a tree to be used as an ornament, place card or table decoration. The ideas are really numerous, the important thing is to develop the children's imagination and help them to free their creativity, in addition to manual skills.

Christmas crafts for adults

Even many adults at Christmas love to try their hand at DIY, to rediscover their artistic vein or even to go back to childhood and relive the magic of the holidays in contact with the classic symbols of Christmas. From home decorations to garlands to hang on the door, which can be done in a thousand ways, even tickling the art of recycling, to DIY Christmas gifts.

DIY garlands

Hanging a garland on the fireplace, on the wall or on the front door is a classic but never banal way to decorate your home with a Christmas theme. Also in this case you can unleash your imagination and choose the material – or materials – with which to create this spectacular work. For example, garlands can be made in these, many other ways:

  • with holly, cinnamon sticks and red fruits;
  • with natural colored corks or ad hoc painted;
  • with clothespins and clothespins;
  • with pine cones and holly;
  • with red or tartan ribbons, holly and fairy lights;
  • with felt;
  • with Christmas balls;
  • with a braid of bread fastened by some red ribbon;
  • with red and green buttons;
  • with pieces of cloth tied like so many ribbons to represent the circumference;
  • with marshmallows or other candies;
  • with candied oranges.

The same principle applies to the Befana socks: you can carry on recycling old socks or stockings to be covered with fabric, paper, velvet, to be colored and filled with sweets and small toys.

DIY centerpiece

The same goes for those who create centerpieces: from pine cones to holly and red berries, the elements for the most classic Christmas centerpieces, to edelweiss, white orchids or moss, even in this case creativity can run free to give a touch of personality at Christmas in your own home. For example, centerpieces can be made in these ways:

  • with the classic pine cones together with holly and red berries;
  • with pine cones painted in white or silver (or even glitter) with a spray;
  • with empty jars of jam, sauce or olives, sprinkled with glue and with glitter applied with a brush: in this case the jars can also be filled with small candles;
  • with glass jars as candle holders;
  • with candy canes tied together by a ribbon;
  • with candles and candelabra combined with holly or moss;
  • with overlapping boxes covered in velvet and bowed with a red ribbon as if to represent the gifts under the tree;
  • with candles lined up with ribbons;
  • with saplings created with cardboard or felt;
  • with a fence of identical woods glued to each other to contain fruit, pine needles, hollies, etc.

Christmas crafts with pine cones

It's always time for a nice Christmas pine cone job! Among the easiest Christmas jobs, cheap and fast, also suitable for those who do not shine for manual skills or experience, there are precisely those with pine cones, very popular at this time of the year. Pine cones can be used and reused in many ways, to decorate your home and beyond. For example:

  • they can serve as decorations at the foot of the Christmas tree or among the branches;
  • they can be a seal for gift packages;
  • they can constitute centerpieces or garlands, as already illustrated;
  • painted green and with a spray of snow, they can become saplings, to be placed in a jar or glued to corks to make them stable;
  • they can become Santa Claus, owls, angels, acorns, thanks to the use of tempera and the application of buttons to represent the eyes.

These are just some of the thousands of ideas, which can be found everywhere and even invented, on Christmas crafts. For example, you can also save on gift paper by wrapping your gifts with the brownish one of bread, to be decorated perhaps with personalized messages written with a marker or glitter spray, or even with Christmas stickers or ribbons. There are no rules, just a little eye, taste and the desire to try and get involved.

With these Christmas jobs, the house can light up with style and beauty, with playful and fun moments, thanks also to DIY, an art that always allows you to unleash your most imaginative side and take an opportunity to spend time with loved ones.

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