Christmas poems and games to learn while having fun!

Christmas poems and games to learn while having fun!

Wait for Christmas by playing with poems, games and advent calendars, with letters and numbers, in Italian and English

The new lessons dedicated to Christmas are online on the digital teaching platform. The contents are accessible to all and are suitable for all ages! Among the novelties, Gianni Rodari's Christmas poems for childhood and primary school, games to print, many new avatars and many advent calendars, with letters and numbers, both in Italian and English.

The Christmas poems

In the sections dedicated to Childhood and Primary you will find the most famous poems and nursery rhymes by Gianni Rodari dedicated to Christmas. These include "The winter cat" and "The star merchant", but also "The planet of Christmas trees" and "Returns every year", the right poem to wait for the arrival of Santa Claus.

All poems include the card to be printed with the text and the text to speech, the vocal synthesis that automatically reads the explanation accompanying the poem.

Plus, with the new Christmas avatars available in your profile, you can play identifying keywords (such as "Santa Claus", "Christmas tree" or "comet") within the poem, making learning even more fun. with the help of the visual component. In fact, the association of images with words and concepts favors visual memory and understanding of poetry.

Advent calendars in Italian and English

Thanks to Redooc's advent calendars, your children will have fun counting the days until Christmas. The advent calendar from A to Z provides a different content every day to learn letters and words in a natural way. Nursery rhymes, coloring sheets, greeting cards and even some grammar rules to review.

And there are also advent calendars in English. Your children can choose between the calendar with the traditional symbols of Christmas and the one with numbers. Thanks to the representation and images, both versions allow all pupils to learn the English language in a fun way. As also explained by Micaela Antognini, founder of a school that deals with language training, "teaching through visual means is the best way to facilitate the learning of a foreign language for these students, from an early age. The word is presented as an image and as such acquired by the student ".

While waiting for Christmas, your children can choose from the many free content. From poems to advent calendars, there is no shortage of Christmas Avatars, games to download, a letter to build and send to Santa Claus in Lapland, and greeting cards to color and give to loved ones.

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