Chrome Nail Trend: How Far Can You Go To Be Trendy?

Tendenza chrome

The latest nail trend is chrome, which teaches us to be over the top, but still with style. What’s it about? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Summer is there perfect season for those who want to dare, especially this year. Whether they are head shots, very whimsical details in the outfit, extravagant manicures: everything is allowed.

Chrome trend

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We have seen so far really everything on the covers, on social networks, on the streets. We went from the excesses of rhinestones to the simplicity of French. We made a leap from bright tones to more “calm” and less strong ones.

We explored the world of multicolours and understood that it is suitable for all ages. We were attracted to summer fantasies, back to the past (thanks to the 90s manicure), but we also remained in the present with the sobriety of the Italian manicure.

But anyway, wherever we look, we only ever notice one thing: the summer nail art wants personality. It is not made for those who follow the crowd passively.

So yes to excesses, but also to everything that is basic, as long as it is personal, original, new.

So, since we are still in 2022 and technology has now made great strides, why? do not take inspiration from this to build an exceptional nail art?

So here is that the chrome trend is starting to depopulate. What is it about? Here’s everything you need to know.

Everything you need to know about the chrome trend

The chrome trend starts from the basic assumption that today we cannot choose the same finish we would have opted for yesterday. We are moving forward, the world has made great strides, we are evolving.

Chrome trend

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Having said that, so what does it take to realize the latest trend? First of all latest generation liquid gels. These, in fact, do not use metal powders and can become anything we want. So let your imagination run wild.

Once we would have moved in a completely different way. In fact, we would have started from a dark base, we would have dusted over the chrome and this would have made it very difficult to customize our work to 100%.

This technique, in fact, was really limiting, because it didn’t allow us to vary that much, but it forced us to work on the whole nail anyway.

Today, however, things have changed: there are capsules that contain an already metallic paint. This allows us to play as we like with colors, details, shades.

We can start from scratch and really get where we want to go. The only limit is our creativity.

So here we can opt for a more minimalist result, but also for something stronger, we can play with colors, or lean only for metallic details, decorate our nails in 3D, or let ourselves go to extremely chic jewel decorations.

And there’s more: this nail polish it lasts much longer than powders, it does not lose lucidity, it almost never splinters.

In short, it is all we need in the summer: when we go to the sea, to the pool, or to the lake, we do not risk seeing all our work ruined in a very short time.

If you want to know another trend that is very popular in this period, here is the Italian manicure.

In any case, the chrome trend for nails is yet another demonstration of how much inspiration is in vogue this year.

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