Chroming: the autumn winter 2018 make-up trend

Chroming: the autumn winter 2018 make-up trend

Evolution of contouring and strobing, chroming highlights the beauty of the natural face. The tips to make it happen

We have known it for a few seasons: overdoing it is no longer fashionable. Now the make-up artists have converted to chroming and send models with a very clear, almost transparent complexion on the catwalk. In short, just as in summer it is not recommended to expose oneself to the sun so much as to buy that very dark color in the eighties – and so risky for the health of the skin -, in winter the face should not be overloaded with cosmetics.

Naturalness wins, even if getting out of the house is not as simple as it might seem! You will be asked, in fact, why models always have that beautiful skin: apart from genetic motivations, one of the secrets is certainly that of putting into practice a strict routine skincare every day.

Every evening the skin must be thoroughly cleansed and then hydrated and nourished according to the needs of each with specific serums and creams. Hydration and nutrition that must be repeated in the morning, before going out, taking care to use products with a sun protection filter, to preserve the skin from harmful rays even in winter.

A skin free of imperfections and cracks is therefore the ideal basis for chroming, which differs from contouring because the latter uses different products to give the face three-dimensionality and minimize defects. Chroming, on the other hand, is an evolution of strobing, the technique that creates light points on the face (the center of the forehead, the chin, the temples, the arch of cupid) using an illuminant.

In particular, chroming is performed using a single product, that is a shimmer lipstick that enriches the face with metallic tones. The ideal is to choose one with a bright, glossy, semi-transparent finish. The colors may vary depending on the tone of your skin, from opal white to mother-of-pearl, from pink to peach, up to beige and nude, the important thing is that they are always enriched with pearly glows.

For an extremely modern make-up, apply the chosen lipstick by tapping with the fingertips on the areas to be highlighted. If you have dry skin, you can add two drops of moisturizing face oil to the lipstick before applying it. A pass of mascara and you're ready to go out.

Obviously nobody prevents you from enriching your chroming with a personal touch. Be inspired by your mood or the commitments of the day: you can apply a touch of ton sur ton eye shadow with the lipstick you used, or put lipstick on your lips, or use a slightly darker lipstick. If you have blue eyes, you can intensify the look with a slight line of brown pencil, if instead you have brown ones, point to the blue pencil, a classic that does not betray.

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