Civil unions, the letter-appeal signed by 400 VIPs

Civil unions, the letter-appeal signed by 400 VIPs

From Jovanotti to Bolle, celebs mobilize to tell Prime Minister Renzi their support for the Cirinnà law

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The world of entertainment and culture is mobilized in favor of civil unions through a letter-petition published on by the writer Sebastiano Mauri and signed by 400 VIPs.

It is late to get lost in political strategies, we are talking about the concrete lives of Italians in exhausting waiting to exist in the eyes of the state. We are out of time.

Among the artists who signed the appeal we find Claudio Amendola, Asia Argento, Arisa who already during the Sanremo Festival had shown his favor to civil unions. And then the volleyball player Valentina Arrighetti, the new director of Rai 3 Daria Bignardi, the étoile Roberto Bolle, Jovanotti, Paolo Virzì, the writer Andrea Camilleri. The list of VIPs also includes Margherita Buy, Laura Chiatti and Geppy Cucciari, Malika Ayane, Elio, Tiziano Ferro, Max Gazzè.

They all took the field in favor of the Cirinnà law. The text of the letter reads:

Being aware of an injustice and correcting it in half means perpetuating it, it is not enough not to be racist, homophobic or sexist, it is necessary to be active in the fight against racism, homophobia or sexism, to fight them wherever they are hidden, especially through legislative instruments in the hands of Parliament.

We reiterate that the law:

guarantees minimum rights for LGBT people. A minimum beyond which it cannot be trespassed, because it would mean approving a law of facade or worse damaging, postponing the sender the recognition of legitimacy of millions of Italians and their families.

It's still:

A country where all citizens, regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation, enjoy equal opportunities, is a richer, more productive and happier country. The entire society pays the exclusion price.

Mauri closes the letter like this:

We have the opportunity today to make history, we therefore ask for the swift approval of the Cirinnà law in its entirety, allowing Italy to join the rest of Europe and more and more countries in the world in the recognition of fundamental rights to all its citizens .

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