Claudia Galanti, the memory of her daughter: "You are my reason for living"

Claudia Galanti, the memory of her daughter: "You are my reason for living"

Claudia Galanti shared a touching letter for little Indila, her daughter who tragically passed away a few months old. Words that touch the heart

Claudia Galanti shared on Instagram a touching letter dedicated to little Indila, the daughter she lost in 2014 when she was only 9 months old. The pain of a mother who remains forever embedded in the heart, difficult to understand for those who have not been through it. Galanti spent very sweet words that in a short time inevitably captured the attention of followers, who wanted to express their closeness to her.

“I look at this photo often, little Indila, and even if you don't understand much, it means a lot to me”, thus begins the letter. “It was March 21 seven years ago, exactly the day you were born. This photo collects all the love we have felt and will feel for you, forever ". The splendid showgirl of Paraguayan origin has suffered an unspeakable loss, but has shown strength and courage to sell to move forward and look to the future.

For her and for her family, especially for the love of her children Tal Harlow and Liam Elijah, born from the love for the entrepreneur Arnaud Mimran, at the center of some legal troubles and with whom at the time of the tragedy it was already over. Claudia Galanti's life was not an easy one, but the words of the beautiful showgirl hide a veil of hope. The one that, despite everything, has never abandoned it.

“I am writing to you because, even though life has tried to separate us, it has not succeeded and will never succeed. If I am here it is because I have never given up and will never give up on the idea that you are gone forever ", writes Galanti in her touching letter to her daughter. “I can't hug you and I can't hold you, but I can talk to you, I can still look at your smile and your big eyes. Our few memories give me strength and alleviate my suffering, they leave me dreaming that one day we will be able to smile at each other ten, a hundred, a thousand times again… ".

Claudia Galanti's words are full of love and, even if they speak of a "painful feeling", as she herself defines it, they reach straight to the heart. The showgirl strengthens herself, speaks of little Indila Carolina Sky (this is the girl's full name) as her "only reason for living" and addresses her two other children: "I have to think that everything will be fine, because she is alone so that looking at me you can be proud of the mom you have and your little brothers Tal and Liam. They really miss you so much ”.

Galanti has thrown herself headlong into many projects to overcome mourning. He worked for his rebirth, managing to make his passion for cooking and pastry a real job. "It was my medicine," he declared in an interview. The beautiful model concluded her long message to her daughter with a special wish: “Happy birthday my little one. I wish myself a sky full of balloons and angels next to you “.

Claudia Galanti on Instagram

Claudia Galanti on Instagram: the memory of her daughter Indila on her birthday

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