Claudia Pandolfi and the success after A Doctor in the Family: “I’ve been sick”

Claudia Pandolfi and the success after A Doctor in the Family: "I've been sick"

Claudia Pandolfi recalls her experience in the cast of ‘A Doctor in the Family’ and the discomfort caused by the overwhelming success of the series

Claudia Pandolfi has come a long way, who can now count on a career made up of successes and many works that have made her loved and appreciated by the public. Nobody, however, can forget one of his first leading roles, that of Alice Solari in Un Medico Famiglia, a very successful series that aired for the first time in 1998. Although more than 20 years have passed, the memory of that experience is still alive.

Claudia Pandolfi, the memory of ‘A Doctor in the Family’

A Doctor in the Family has entered the history of Italian television series. First aired in 1998, it has had a long and successful life. The stories of the Martini family, in fact, accompanied viewers for ten seasons, with the participation of great actors such as Lino Banfi, Milena Vukotic, Giulio Scarpati, Lunetta Savino and Margot Sikabony.

Among these also Claudia Pandolfi who, despite a leading role in history, participated in only the first two seasons, lending her face to Alice Solari. The experience, for her, was not entirely positive. The good memories remained, but also the negative feelings, due to the great media attention of the show. To declare it herself, to Serena Bortone during an interview with Today is another day.

It was shocking, – he declared – absolutely anxious, I am a private person. Something like this is alienating, like a Truman show

Claudia Pandolfi, success and the need for privacy

In short, learning how to manage success hasn’t been easy at all. Extremely reserved, she has in fact always little appreciated the too much attention and curiosity of the public. Over time, however, he has learned to find a balance:

At one point I was sick, when you have too much attention from people you absolutely need to isolate yourself. By doing it I found a balance, I had the luxury of having a home and, being someone who doesn’t even go out of her own way, I dedicated myself to a life of trusted friendships.

And now Pandolfi carries out its work with serenity. In fact, in these days, the last series of which he is the protagonist together with Alessandro Gassman, A Professor, is on the air, which is already receiving a lot of appreciation.

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