Claudio Bisio positive at Covid, the announcement on Instagram

Claudio Bisio positive at Covid, the announcement on Instagram

Expected in Rome for some professional commitments, Claudio Bisio had to give up because he tested positive at Covid

Positive vip at Covid-19, messages from fans and colleagues

Claudio Bisio announced on social media that he tested positive at Covid-19: with a long video message published between his Instagram and Facebook stories, the actor revealed that he had discovered the infection a few days ago, and explained what the your current health condition.

"Greetings to all those who follow me" – Claudio Bisio began online, then admitting to his fans that he had never been too favorable to the idea of ​​putting his private life on the streets. Usually, in fact, his social profiles are full of his countless professional projects, and much less of what concerns his most intimate sphere. On this occasion, however, he wanted to make an exception to the rule, to reveal to the followers what is happening to him.

“I wanted to say one thing, I have been positive for Covid for a few days. Nothing serious, I think. I have no fever, I just have an annoying cough and a little lowered voice, as you can hear "- continued Bisio -" But I'm fine, I'm struggling ". The actor, who in recent years has been quite busy between cinema and television, was working on a new project in recent weeks. This is the TV series All of Freud's fault, based on the homonymous film by Paolo Genovese which met with great success at the box office.

“I should have been in Rome to present this project” – he admitted – “but I won't make it. I leave the burden and the honor to my colleagues and to the director Rolando Ravello ". An important professional commitment is therefore missing for Claudio Bisio, who is currently in isolation due to his positivity: “I'm here at home in quarantine, closed like so many Italians, waiting to go back to being negative and go out to meet you”.

Claudio Bisio is not the only one who is facing the disease these days. There are many VIPs who have tested positive for Covid since the health emergency began: some of them have now left this difficult experience behind, others are experiencing it right now. Like Francesca Fialdini, who had to leave the conduct of her Sunday show in the hands of Nek. Even the Sanremo 2021 Festival is at risk, with the news of the positivity of one of the singers in the race that was spread in the past few hours.

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