Clinodactyly: what it is and what are the causes

Clinodactyly: what it is and what are the causes

Caused by a shift in the conformation of the interphalangeal joint surface, clinodactyly occurs through a permanent folding of one or more fingers

Clinodactyly is a congenital malformation that can affect any finger. In most cases, this complication occurs on the little finger. The term clinodactyly derives from the Greek word "daxtylos" which means "finger". This malformation represents a stable medial or lateral curvature affecting a finger or a phalanx. It happens that the folded part is superimposed on the neighboring one or, in other cases, it is placed in the area below.

This complication is produced due to an isolated anomaly or can be associated with other malformations that are determined by hereditary and genetic syndromes. In fact, these congenital physical anomalies can also include polydactyly, i.e. the presence of more than 5 fingers in the hands or feet. In medicine, these complications are classified into various types according to the affected area and the degrees in which they occur. In addition, they can manifest themselves through a slight extension of the distal phalanges or arrive at a complete doubling of one or more skeletal structures.

Clinodactyly, being transmitted in most cases by a hereditary nature, can recur in subsequent generations within the same family trunk. Furthermore, this malformation can manifest itself, but there are also cases in which it can be associated with a syndrome, such as Down syndrome or Patau syndrome. The anomaly can sometimes also occur at the level of the feet. Also in this case a sort of curvature or enlargement is ascertained which goes to the area of ​​the ends of the fingers.

The causes derive from mutations related to the genes that determine the correct conformation of the fingers and toes. Scholars argue that a small number of these genes affect the mutation causing clinodactyly or various types of polydactyly. It is essential to carry out a specialist examination for a correct assessment of the problem and to establish the real causes. It is possible to resort to surgery that allows you to apply different techniques depending on the problem, which allow the removal of the bone, joint or tendon structures through skin incisions and the reconstruction of the hand or foot area through stitches .

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