Coconut oil, burns fat and reduces hunger

Coconut oil, burns fat and reduces hunger

Rich in medium chain fatty acids, it is a portentous ally of the line

Coconut oil is considered a real superfood. Among its benefits, it is possible to mention the ability to contribute to the disposal of fats, but also the positive effects on reducing hunger. Getting to the heart of the first property, it is crucial to dwell on the importance of medium chain triglycerides. Compared to long chain fatty acids, these nutrients can contribute more to the lipid burning process.

Several scientific testimonies have confirmed this. In this group, it is possible to cite a 2015 work, which started with the intention of carrying out a systemic review of randomized controlled trials comparing the effects of medium and long chain triglycerides on weight loss and composition. body in adults.

By monitoring data from 13 studies, the Australian experts who conducted the review were able to find that, thanks to the replacement of long chain fatty acids with medium chain fatty acids in the diet, it is possible to appreciate a modest weight loss and changes in body composition without negative influences on lipid profiles. It should be noted that, despite the positive results, further research and broader studies are needed to be able to talk about the true efficacy of medium chain fatty acids for weight control and to determine the ideal dosage.

As mentioned above, the intake of coconut oil can also prove invaluable when it comes to reducing appetite. Even at this juncture, various scientific evidence can be called into question. These include a small study carried out in 1998 by a group of experts from the Institut Européen des Sciences du Goût and des Comportements Alimentaires in Dijon (France).

The team in question monitored the data of 12 adult men, invited to eat four different breakfasts with regards to nutritional specificities. Those who started the day with a first meal characterized by the presence of medium chain fatty acids, had eaten fewer calories at lunch.

Coconut oil – which must be purchased by checking its origin from organic farming supply chains and which is also useful against facial wrinkles – is also very caloric. In light of this, it is appropriate to moderate the intake. For specific information on dosages and clarifications on compatibility with your physique, you should consult your doctor.

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