Coconut oil for the body: a panacea, here's how to use it

Coconut oil for the body: a panacea, here's how to use it

Coconut oil is a precious ally for the beauty and well-being of the body. It can be used in many different ways, here's how.

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Coconut oil is obtained by pressing the dried coconut pulp. Rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins, its qualities are appreciated both in the kitchen and in the cosmetic sector. Here's how to use it to improve the appearance of skin, hair and teeth.

Skin cleansed and hydrated
Coconut oil guarantees a deep cleansing and hydration of the skin. By putting a few drops on a cotton pad or directly on the face, it effectively eliminates makeup, leaving the skin well nourished. You can also prepare a scrub by mixing a tablespoon of coconut oil with coarse salt and rub the mixture on your face and body. Massaged on the body, it deeply nourishes the skin. Thanks to its emollient properties it is also useful in the case of cracked heels.

Teeth whitens
By mixing a teaspoon of coconut oil with a teaspoon of baking soda, you will get an excellent whitening toothpaste. Pure pure on your gums and tongue, you will help keep your mouth healthy and healthy. Attention: the coconut oil at low temperatures appears solid, to use it to prepare the toothpaste, the scrub and to massage it on the skin it must be dissolved so that it becomes liquid.

It nourishes the hair
For shiny and strong hair, massage coconut oil, lightly diluted with a few drops of water, on the scalp, roots and ends. It could drip so always put a towel over your shoulder to protect clothing. For short hair, 45 ml of coconut oil are enough, if they are long they need 75 ml. Once applied, wrap the hair in the transparent film or collect it in a shower cap and leave for a few hours (not more than 8), before proceeding with the shampoo. Alternatively you can only use it on the tips to give a healthier look to the hair.

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