Coffee butter: the Bulletproof diet

A new trendy diet from the USA is coming: Bulletproof, the last strange method for weight loss

Does following a diet tire you and make you stressed? Here comes a new remedy: the Bulletproof diet that allows you to lose excess pounds. Have you ever thought of replacing sugar in coffee with butter? This is possible with the Bulletproof remedy. A teaspoon of butter in coffee will allow you to find the right energy by helping you to lose weight. Dave Asprey, president of the Silicon Valley Institute of Health, is the creator of this new weight loss diet that has now become one of the latest food fashions used by stars and sports champions all over the world.

To obtain this special drink you need coffee with the absence of mycotoxins, a few drops of pure and digestible oil and a spoonful of high quality butter. According to the creator of this recipe, in fact, this blend allows you to increase your concentration and energy by burning calories and fat at the same time, thus eliminating excess pounds. But not only that, the secret of the Bulletproof diet is to be able to guarantee a sense of satiety until lunchtime, thus avoiding giving in to any temptations dictated by hunger attacks.

This new slimming and trendy formula was born during a trip to Tibet by Dave Asprey who, finding himself in front of the altitude, felt a strong feeling of fatigue and weakness and managed to regain his energy and concentration after drinking a tea with yack butter in addition. This experience inspired Dave Asprey to experiment in a western way this new blend, now very popular all over the world.

This remedy, however, is not well seen by nutritionists and doctors, as it eliminates the strong sense of hunger that you have during the day. In addition, breakfast plays a fundamental role in starting the day in the right way as it transmits the necessary energies to your body and guarantees the right concentration to face all daily activities in the best possible way. On the other hand, thanks to the nourishing properties of the excellent quality butter present in this magical drink, the right energy can be acquired in the same way.

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