Cogne crime, Annamaria Franzoni on prize permit. Video

Cogne crime, Annamaria Franzoni on prize permit. Video

Loris killed by mom? Mothers who kill children: crimes without a reason

Intent on pruning a tree, smiling, serene, almost happy to use and consume a script of a perfect family portrait, this mother addresses her children, with her in the garden. Will you be calling them for help? Will he be urging them to come in and study? It might seem like a sequence of common, normal gestures, on an ordinary day in any country. Instead it is not so. It cannot be so, because in those images the woman who is dedicated to the care of her garden while being assisted by her children, Gioele and Davide, is Annamaria Franzoni.

Cogne's mother, of little Samuele, an innocent victim at 3 years of a killing hand. His mother's, according to a conviction. A pronouncement against which Franzoni, who fought alongside her husband Stefano.

Franzoni, who returned to Ripoli Santa Cristina to be with her husband Stefano Lorenzi and her two boys, is immortalized by fourth grade cameras in the garden. On March 8, a prize permit allowed her to spend hours with her family, in her home in Ripoli Santa Cristina, on the Apennines.

In a month, the last psychiatric report should decide on his return to Ripoli, under house arrest in that house where they moved years ago, after the tragic death of Samuel.

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