Color in winter? Yes thanks, preferably sustainable!

Color in winter?  Yes thanks, preferably sustainable!

Here are some ideas on how to wear colored garments in winter, with a selection of green proposals

Often we tend to think that colored garments are by definition noisy and that they cannot be worn in a glamorous way. If we are talking about garments that come from the world of sustainable fashion, the association with the slightly “freaky” world is practically immediate. But this is not the case at all: you can wear colorful garments even in winter with taste and style, you just need to know exactly what combinations to make! Here are some look ideas for you, chosen from a selection of sustainable brands!

Color in winter?  Yes thanks, preferably sustainable!

Pellicce Maison Pop Couture, cintura Lizé Natural Clothing, t-shirt The Optimistic Apple, borsa Bprime

Winter color: eco fur

Eco furs derive from synthetic fibers, obviously, because they do not use elements of animal origin in any way. So, even when choosing a fur, albeit ecological, it is good to be careful, otherwise we risk introducing yet another garment in fiber derived from petroleum into the environment. However, there are brands such as Maison Pop Couture that make their colorful furs in limited edition and with recycled and regenerated materials. How to combine them? With a color block look or as a touch of color on a denim and white street style outfit!

Color in winter?  Yes thanks, preferably sustainable!

Winter color: pastels

Not all colors are bright and loud: pastel shades are colors too! You can add some to your look by wearing a colorful t-shirt or sweatshirt, like those of The Optimistic Apple, an Italian brand, with GOTS and PETA Approved certification, which you can also have embroidered with the name or phrase you want.

Color in winter?  Yes thanks, preferably sustainable!

Winter color: the colorful sweater, cruelty free or regenerated

A colorful sweater enlivens any winter day, especially if you wear it with neutral and basic garments. Pay attention to the fiber you buy, because it could come from farms where the cruel practice of mulesing is adopted, or that it could have been dyed with methods that are not respectful of the environment: the girls of Flò are attentive to every single step of their supply chain and their garments are produced only with environmentally and animal friendly fibers.

Color in winter?  Yes thanks, preferably sustainable!

If, on the other hand, you prefer to avoid using virgin wool, perhaps because you are vegan, then you can choose Rifò’s sweaters, which are colorful and made with regenerated fibers, recovered from old pieces of wool or cashmere that would otherwise end up in landfills. Thus, by choosing the circular economy, in addition to making a glamorous gesture, you will make a conscious and sustainable choice.

Color in winter?  Yes thanks, preferably sustainable!

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