Color to star

Famous fringes

The sunstroke? I'm out. The casting of uniform color? Prehistory. Today the new coloring techniques for hair explore new and more original frontiers and are called balayage, paneling or uplighting, focusing on natural but highly effective reflections.
The technique that was once called color or "tint", an operation that simply had the purpose of covering white hair, has evolved over the years becoming something more. Dozens of different treatments are born like mushrooms in the most famous salons from France to the USA, while the stars compete to show them on the hair causing large tam tam on the Net among the hairstyle-addicted ready to emulate them.

The first treatment that conquered the celebrities, replacing the classic streaks that too often had an unnatural "pedestrian strip" effect was the balayage. From the French "balayer" (literally "to sweep") the technique, which works on both blondes and brunettes, is carried out with a spatula and brush, with which they lighten the external locks slightly or even, as required by the Californian version of the balayage, especially those at the tips, leaving the hair dark at the root. The result? Hair illuminated by natural light strokes, like after a week spent at the beach. Among the famous admirers Cameron Diaz, Ashley Olsen, Kimberly Stewart.

The so-called uplighting is less natural but cooler: the tips of the locks are lightened at least by one tone, obtaining a visible two-tone effect of great impact: The uplighting gives above all to brunettes and is preferred by the youngest and bravest. Do you want to see the effect? Look at the images of Ashley Greene, Megan Fox, Alexa Chung.

For those who prefer a multitone effect, there is also paneling: each strand is colored in a tone different from the basic one starting from the parting and up to the ends. The treatment is ideal for giving depth and movement to dark hair, such as those of Cindy Crawford or Miley Cyrus.

Then there is the shatush, very common in Italy: a particularly natural sun effect, obtained by applying the lightening agent on temporarily cottony hair. He is the favorite of the models: Gisele Bundchen and Bar Rafaeli love to show off skilfully lightened hair with this treatment combined with an enviable tan.

But the real trend, the latest most innovative fashion in terms of color is silver gray: while silver hair shone from the catwalks to Parisian and New York fashion shows for 2010, even a fashion addict like Victoria Beckham was noticed with silvery reflections to peep out on platinum blonde hair.

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