Colored cream: because in summer, prefer it to foundation

Colored cream: because in summer, prefer it to foundation

Can colored cream replace the foundation? Yes, especially in summer, for a sun-kissed skin effect

In summer, as we know, few products are tolerated on the face and it becomes almost impossible to think of creating elaborate makeup and opaque face bases, which are heavy. The risk is to sweat more, a makeup that melts and creates areas where the foundation is removed, leaving the skin in spots. With a little tan, then, the imperfections are less visible and the complexion seems more uniform, so here the use of the foundation can be relegated to special occasions.

Not everyone, however, manages to give it up completely, so here the colored creams come into play. Halfway between a skincare treatment and a real cosmetic, they combine two actions in one and are therefore perfect for the summer. The colored face creams, in fact, have moisturizing properties, a soft texture that is well uniform with the skin and are light, therefore they do not give the sensation of heavy skin, which tends to sweat. To this, they then combine a uniforming action given by the pigments present inside, which minimize the imperfections and make the complexion brighter and more compact, while not being opaque as a real foundation.

Better still, then, if the colored creams have an SPF, such as Everyday Colored Face Cream SPF 20 of Mediterranea Cosmetics. In this way, in addition to the moisturizing treatment and the step of the face base, the protection factor is combined. In this way it is possible to minimize the skincare steps in order not to create too much layering, without however renouncing any step. They are therefore an excellent solution not only to protect yourself from harmful sun rays, preventing photoaging, but they are also ideal for sublimating your tan, without hiding it behind layers of make-up.

Even the lightest skins can use colored creams, which often exist in a single color variant that adapts to all complexions or which, however, have a narrower range of colors than the classic foundation. This is because having a light coverage it is difficult to create a detachment of evident color. In the case of very light skin, the effect will be that of a slightly tanned complexion, such as after a day at the beach, without the risk of getting burned and without the use of self-tanning products, difficult to apply, which often create spots and which are unnatural . A sun-kissed skin effect, simply by applying a small amount of colored cream and working it well on the face, neck and décolleté, to blend it with the skin, for a uniform, extremely natural and invisible result.

A multipurpose treatment, in short, perfect for those who are always in a hurry, for those who do not want to wear make-up in the summer or for those who want a tanned, but natural effect. For those who still cannot enjoy a beach holiday and a real tan, but want to enjoy a healthy, uniform and radiant complexion. All combined with hydration, anti-aging active ingredients and protection from external agents such as sun, wind and pollution.

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