Colored eyeliner: the pop twist for your eye make-up

Colored eyeliner: the pop twist for your eye make-up

Exaggerated, fun and perfect for the most eclectic looks: it's time to give space to colored eyeliners and the coolest looks to create

Have you ever thought about trying colored eyeliners? If you want to be daring, to add a little creativity to your look or try something different from the great and classic black, the vitamin and colorful proposals should not be underestimated at all.

Of course, being able to apply eyeliner, whether it is liquid in gel, is a real challenge for many, but those who are now accustomed to the subject know well how much this make-up element can turn and give a twist to any type of eye look.

Are you looking for inspiration or ideas to choose the best style with which to apply and wear colored eyeliner (and all its thousand versions)? Here you will find the coolest inspirations of the moment between classic looks, tone on tone and graphic eyeliner that will leave everyone speechless.


  • Graphic white
  • Bright green
  • Classic burgundy
  • Pink power
  • Bold in red
  • Cut crease eyeliner

Graphic white

makeup with white eyeliner

Credits: @ marziaventura.mua | Instagram

Graphic looks reach their maximum with the use of colored eyeliners. Pink and white are the main colors of this double eyeliner look. Impactful and perfect for those who want a make-up that amazes from the first glance. In this case, it is essential to balance with uniform face make-up and a delicate blush, to be applied without errors.

KIKO New Super Color Waterproof Eyeliner

KIKO New Super Color Waterproof Eyeliner – 01 white

To achieve this type of look it is essential to choose among the best colored eyeliner and, even better, if waterproof like the New Super Color Waterproof Eyeliner by Kiko Milano in white. In this way you will create a lasting make-up and, in the case of overlapping of colors and textures, it will not go to smudge and will fully maintain its wow effect!

Bright green

green eyeliner look makeup

Credits: @ makeupby.aurora | Instagram

Making a make-up doesn't just mean balancing colors and eyeshadows, it often also means adding creative and stylish touches where they are most unexpected. Like this look in shades of green where, in addition to a magnificent green eyeliner with a graphic look, to make everything even more spectacular, maxi glitter has been added on the lash line.

Pupa Vamp! Definition Liner Waterproof

Pupa – Vamp! Definition Liner Waterproof – pearly peacock

If you don't have the courage to be so daring, but still want to throw yourself into a bright eye makeup made with green eyeliner, you can always try the VAMP! Waterproof definition liner by Pupa: in addition to allowing a homogeneous and flawless application, it is enriched with small luminous particles that will add light to your eyes.

Classic burgundy

burgundy colored makeup eyeliner

Credits: @sandygiuffrida_mua | Instagram

Wearing colored eyeliner does not mean creating only and only exaggerated and impactful looks. Choosing the colored version of the classic black liner also means understanding how to best enhance the eye color of each one. For example, burgundy which is ideal for making green or blue irises even more magnetic.

L'ORÉAL PARIS Matte Signature Eyeliner

L’ORÉAL PARIS Matte Signature Eyeliner – 05 burgundy

Choosing a good eyeliner also means understanding its finish and texture: for a more discreet look, opt for L’ORÉAL PARIS Matte Signature Eyeliner that combines the precision of the felt tip with a matte finish with metallic reflections. Nice to look at and easy to spread.

Pink power

pink eyeliner look makeup

Credits: @effiekalantzi | Instagram

Pink: from lips to eyes. Perhaps the time has come to change the rules of the games and try to make eye makeup with pink colored eyeliner. Out of the ordinary but, despite this, perfect to be worn all day, every day. To be combined with a simple make-up in shades of brown to balance the colors appropriately.

Dior Diorshow On Stage Liner- Matte Pink

Dior Diorshow On Stage Liner- Matte Pink

The colored pen eyeliners are a must have for those who are beginners and want to try to achieve the perfect line. DIOR Diorshow On Stage Liner in matte pink is a long-term investment, which will make you achieve colorful looks with a simple gesture.

Bold in red

red eyeliner look makeup

Credits: @deimante_mua | Instagram

The red colored eyeliner is really too underestimated: intense, fiery and decidedly with character, it is ideal for those who want to dare, perhaps highlighting green eyes or with shades of the same shade. When you overdo it, in make-up, it is better to do it 100% and the best way is to create impactful looks like this bold eyeliner: thick and full-bodied. Ideal for those who are not afraid and just love style

Eyeliner Gel AMC 79 Inglot

Inglot – Eyeliner Gel AMC 79

To achieve this type of look, it is essential to use a cream colored eyeliner, such as Inglot's AMC 79 Eyeliner Gel first of all because it guarantees excellent hold and does not risk creating unsightly creases after a few hours. Secondly, this type of product allows you to create more precise and outlined looks thanks to the use of a point or angled brush.

Cut crease eyeliner

eye makeup yellow eyeliner cut crease

Credits: @giadameneghetti_ | Instagram

When professional blended eye shadows are not enough, a colored eyeliner in the crease of the eye is the right answer. Inspired by the 60s look, this yellow cut crease is certainly not easy, but it is full of charm. An unexpected but impressive combo of colors and techniques.


3ina THE COLOR PEN EYELINER – 137 yellow

Yellow is not an everyday color, but if you want to try it, you prefer a yellow pen eyeliner: easier to apply and handle. Remember to always apply an eye primer which, in addition to making the make-up last longer, will make the base homogeneous and the eyeliner will flow more easily.

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