Colorful summer makeup (without exaggerating): this is how it’s done, even at 40

trucco occhi estivo colorato

A summer, cheerful and colorful eye make-up even at 40? You can certainly wear it, as long as you know how to dose the colors: here are our ideas!

Summer is the ideal time to be daring with make-up, especially since this season colors are the absolute must for both makeup and fashion.

colorful summer eye makeup


Many women, however, especially if they are over 40, do not feel comfortable with very flashy makeup. Fortunately though there is no need to go overboard with color to create a cheerful and original summer make-up.

Very few touches of powders or highly pigmented cream eyeshadows can really work wonders for the realization of a makeup suitable for this time of year, able to make us feel beautiful and fashionable at all ages.

Obviously though you have to pay attention to a number of details, as the choice of color to apply, the location and quantity of pigment to use and its combination with pencil or eyeliner.

So here are some super useful ideas to create a cheerful but not too flashy make-up to experience a full color summer!

Lots of ideas for a summer and colorful make-up after the age of 40

As for the color the important thing is not to overdo it. Very flashy colors, such as fuchsia, yellow or emerald green are fine, as long as you use them in very moderate quantities.

colorful makeup


The important is choose a color that is included in our color palette, that is, that it harmonizes correctly with the color of our complexion and above all with that of our undertone.

It will therefore be important to choose warm colors like yellow, red and orange if we have a warm skin undertone. In this way the complexion will look healthier, brighter and our eyes will appear brighter.

These colors look especially good on those who have light or dark brown eyes, but also eyes blues (Orange is the complementary color of light blue and makes it stand out a lot!).

Conversely, if you have a cold undertone it is better to opt for intense but clear and cold colors, as the light blue, pastel pink, teal green, lilac, that is the classic pastel colors. These colors adapt very well to those who have the light eyes, that is green or blue.

And for those who have black or dark brown eyes? The advice is to opt for cold or warm colors depending on your complexion but of focus on super saturated shades. No pastel colors, green light to touches of pure and intense color as the blue, red, emerald green, fuchsia.

One of latest trends for a colorful but not excessive eye make-up is the reverse cat eyes colorful, which consists in the application of a super colored pencil line along the lower lash line.

But if we have a healthy passion for colored eyeshadow but don’t know how to “dose” it for a summer but not too flashy eye make-up, here is the solution!

summer eye makeup


A beautiful idea to copy to young influencers from all over the world is the create a perfect eye makeup base using primers and high coverage products.

The goal is make the color of the eyelid uniform and its texture homogeneous. Once this is done, it will be enough apply a single touch of very intense and slightly shaded color in the inner corner of the eye.

The primer will be essential to ensure that the powders do not move with the movement of the eyelid ending up in the small folds and ripples of the skin. It is one makeup scheme to choose if we have very well-spaced eyes.

If on the contrary we have eyes slightly close it is better to move the touch of color from the inner corner of the eye to a few millimeters further inside the upper eyelid.

To apply the color it is recommended to use a sponge applicator, therefore not of a brush with bristles, more suited to the nuance than to the precise application of a product.

If you have a mature skin, the strategy to follow without ifs and buts is that of adopt powder products with a matte finish. In this way, the sagging, wrinkles and small folds of the eyelid will not be highlighted.

If we still have a smooth and compact eyelid then we can playing with chiaroscuro and luminous finishes, using mostly shimmer and cream products.

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