Come to Me, an uncertain future for Caterina Balivo: the guest surprises her and she confesses

Come to Me, an uncertain future for Caterina Balivo: the guest surprises her and she confesses

The future of Caterina Balivo in Vieni da Me is uncertain. She reveals it herself, taken aback by a guest

Caterina Balivo's future seems increasingly uncertain and she confirmed it after Gigi Marzullo, host of the broadcast, surprised her with a question, prompting her to make a confession. In the last few weeks there has often been talk of a farewell from the presenter at the afternoon show. A choice that would arise from Caterina's desire to devote herself more to the family, spending time with her children and her husband Guido Maria Brera.

The presenter, who has been confirmed by Rai, could then go on to conduct a Sunday show, broadcast immediately after Domenica In by Mara Venier, while Francesca Fialdini could arrive in her place at Vieni da Me. The indiscretions were never commented on by the bailiff who, however, in the last episode of the program was caught off guard by his guest.

Gigi Marzullo, used to asking questions and investigating, put the presenter in difficulty. First talking about her husband, then pushing her – perhaps involuntarily – to make a confession. "Twice I was a guest on your program, and there are two without three – said the reporter -. So when do you start the next edition of this program? ”. Regarding the future of Vieni da Me, however, the bailiff appeared rather uncertain, pronouncing some sibylline sentences.

"God sees and provides, we end on May 29", he replied. Seizing the embarrassment of the landlady, Marzullo replied: "Finish temporarily …". But she tried to divert the conversation: "You can come back next week," he said, cutting it short. So much that even the journalist was surprised and concluded by saying: "Then we close: is it over when it's over?".

Courageous and always ready to face new challenges, the Bailiff two years ago chose to leave Detto Fatto (now led by Bianca Guaccero) to begin the adventure of Come From Me. To follow his wife, Guido Maria Brera has agreed to move to Rome with his children, Guido Alberto and Cora. Now, for the love of her family, Caterina could make another important decision, abandoning the show that gave her great success and creating a sort of "relay" with Francesca Fialdini.

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