Come to Me, the difficult past of Ema Stokholma: "From my mother never a caress"

The radio host confesses to Caterina Balivo's microphones, speaking of her dramatic childhood

Ema Stokholma has a difficult past behind her: a childhood marked by pain for a mother who beat her. Once again, the radio host returns to tell her story on TV, this time a guest of Caterina Balivo in Vieni da Me.

Already in the past, Ema Stokholma had revealed some details of her life as a child and adolescent, talking about her suffering also in the truth book For my good, where she tells her dramatic story. Today, to the microphones of Vieni da Me, the deejay returns to open her heart to the public, revealing more about her difficult past. From the moment of her birth, when she was alone with her mother: "My father disappears when I was born, my brother was 3 years old".

For the two children, the only point of reference was the mother: "She ran away from home at 18, so I never met grandparents, cousins, uncles. The family unit was me, my brother and my mother ”. Ema, however, has never enjoyed the maternal warmth of a simple hug or a compliment. Rather, her whole childhood was studded with pain, beatings and psychological violence: "My mother also bothered me with my breathing, the voice, the drawing I had done" – revealed the radio host.

Probably, Stokholma admitted, her mother was sick: “I think she was not well. There was no help, no diagnosis, but I think he had several mental problems. " Ema and her brother have always suffered violence: “I hated her deeply. I have never felt love for him, I don't remember a hug, a caress. " The moment of liberation, for her, has reached 15 years: at that age she managed to run away from home, after several failed attempts, and she arrived in Italy.

"I went to my father who welcomed me into the house" – revealed Ema, interviewed by Caterina Balivo – "He is a good person, yes, but he has his big share of guilt. He left my mother, me and my brother alone. " The deejay has been in analysis for many years, thus managing to overcome her troubled childhood. But he knows that for many children there is no second chance. Also for this reason, Stokholma has decided to write her book.

“I felt the need to do it when I heard on TV about Giuseppe, a child who died at home from his stepfather's beating. Even in my case no one has ever noticed anything, no one has ever done anything. I wrote the book to help other children in these conditions and also the parents. My mother was to help, maybe she would have been a good mom "- concluded Ema Stokholma.

Today she left a great deal of suffering behind, and found her place in the world of entertainment (both as a presenter at the PrimaFestival and as a radio presenter, at the May Day Concert). But he will never forget what his mother did: "Forgiveness is not mandatory, I understood it, I accepted it but not forgiven".

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