Comfortable heeled boots: idea of ​​look and models

Comfortable heeled boots: idea of ​​look and models

Is it possible to wear heeled boots that are also comfortable? Yes: here is what models to aim for

Autumn calls for bare-legged boots, to psychologically prepare us for winter (during which we will wear them with socks!). Many would like to wear them also with heels, but we struggle because we fear they are uncomfortable. This is not always the case: here are some model and look ideas to wear comfortable heeled boots!

Comfortable heeled boots: idea of ​​look and models

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Comfortable heeled boots: wide heels

To be comfortable, the foot must be able to support well: therefore look for models that have a wide heel, not necessarily very high, but wide. Five or six centimeters, but on which you rest your heel entirely, they change your life!

Stylist Alexandra Lapp – source Getty Images

Comfortable heeled boots: the cone heel

Less comfortable than the square heel, but since it's less high, it's manageable. The cone heel allows the heel to support well because it centers the weight in order to distribute the weight in a more balanced way. If you like this idea, don't exceed five or six centimeters in height.

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Comfortable heeled boots: the shaft

It does not need to be high, you can also choose ankle boots model, the important thing is that the leg is comfortable and does not wrap too much ankles and calves. Personally, the slightly soft, seventies-style models are my favorites. I had a brown pair as a girl and I had them resoled until the leather of the upper was really useless: I wore them with pants, with long, short skirts… with everything. I have never been able to find a similar model!

Jennifer Neyt and Jeanne Damas – source Getty Images

Comfortable heeled boots: what to wear them with

You can wear them with a skirt, but also over tight trousers (avoid leggings though, I recommend!) Or skinny jeans, especially if the legs are your strong point. Another alternative is to wear them with soft pants tucked inside, a bit in a riding style.

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