Commissioner Ricciardi advances: Lino Guanciale tells the fifth episode

Commissario Ricciardi

Doctor Modo risks his life and Ricciardi exposes himself to Livia: he asks her for help and finds himself in debt to her: advances of the episode "Vipera"

Lino Guanciale anticipates the plot of the fifth episode of Commissioner Ricciardi broadcast on Monday 22 February on Rai1 at 21.25. This time, Ricciardi's friend, Dr. Bruno Modo, a staunch anti-fascist, played by Enrico Ianniello, is seriously at risk.

The fiction, as Guanciale specifies on his Instagram profile, is not just a crime story but also wants to tell a piece of Italian history in which those who expressed their dissent risked their freedom and even their life. In fact, Commissioner Ricciardi is set in Naples in the 1930s, before the outbreak of the Second World War, under the regime of Mussolini.

The Commissioner will do everything to save his friend and will resort to the important relationships of Livia, played by Serena Iansiti (read our interview) who is attracted to Ricciardi and tries to conquer him in every way, even if her heart is turned to the shy Enrica, alias Maria Vera Ratti. The request for help to Livia will put Ricciardi in an awkward position because he will feel indebted to her.

The fifth episode is entitled, Viper, the name of a well-known prostitute who is found dead, suffocated with a pillow. The last customer claims to have left her still alive, the next to have found her already dead. Who killed her and why? This is the new mystery facing the Commissioner.

The fiction, based on the novels of Maurizio De Giovanni, is a success. Each episode achieved record ratings, thrilling viewers, enchanted by Ricciardi's charm and his tormented love story, torn between the sophisticated Livia and the shy Enrica.

Great success also for the character of Bruno Modo, alias Enrico Ianniello, will be at the center of the fifth episode. His fans congratulate themselves on Instagram: “Ciaooooo great Enrico !! Wonderful role and you, as always, very good at calartici in an excellent way in the role of Bruno Modo❤️😍👏👏 you look great long-haired ". And again: "Magnificent, this character is wonderful and you are extraordinary." And there are already those who are sorry because this is the penultimate episode.

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