Commissioner Ricciardi triumphs: he yields to Livia and betrays Enrica

Commissario Ricciardi

Lino Guanciale with Commissioner Ricciardi collects a new success, beating the GF Vip and in the meantime Enrica is forgotten because of Livia

The penultimate episode of Commissioner Ricciardi, broadcast on Rai 1 on 22 February, is also a success. And once again the fiction with Lino Guanciale is the most popular program of the evening. Thanks to the twists and turns, from the kidnapping of Bruno Modo to the "betrayal" suffered by Enrica, ousted by her rival, Livia.

Therefore, Commissioner Ricciardi conquers 5,816,000 spectators equal to 23.88% share, again beating GF Vip, broadcast on Canale 5, which stops 3,572,000 spectators equal to 20.68% share, despite the confession of Dayane Mello about Rosalinda. Guanciale is unbeaten for the fifth time, the only one able to put him in the background is Luisa Ranieri who with her Lolita Lobosco has reached the record of over 7 million viewers.

In any case, Commissioner Ricciardi, the series based on the novels of Maurizio de Giovanni, remains one of the greatest Rai hits of 2021. The last episode will be broadcast on March 1st and there are already those who miss it, like we read in the Instagram profile of Serena Iansiti (read our interview) who plays Livia: "We will go into withdrawal when the episodes end. How will we manage to survive 😢 Joke aside you are giving us great emotions for grace, beauty, seduction that emanates from you ".

Livia was the focus of the last episode aired, entitled Viper (see the video above). The woman is strongly attracted to Ricciardi, she would like to have a stable relationship with him and for him she gets involved by exposing herself dangerously in front of the fascists. Livia in fact intervenes, after the almost desperate request of the Commissioner, to save doctor Bruno Modo who risks confinement, if not his life.

The woman manages to free him and Ricciardi feels deeply indebted to her, to the point of yielding to his requests and betraying his expectations, so the shy Enrica contends for the heart of the shadowy Commissioner. Just when she found the courage to give him a fleeting kiss and the road to the engagement seems to be cleared, Livia intervenes and he seems to choose her.

The world collapses on Enrica and the audience is divided between the tender sentiment of the girl, played by Maria Vera Ratti, and the disarming beauty of Livia. Serena Iansiti's followers write on her Instagram profile: “You are beautiful and above all very good darling!”. "Yours is truly a timeless beauty .. and together with your talent it will take me away from here once again ..".

Waiting to see the conclusion, the fans of Commissioner Ricciardi are clamoring for Rai to produce new episodes: “I hope that RAI will produce the rest of the series, because it has given us a high quality product. Excellent actors, enlightened director, admirable photography. The ratings, although I regret not seeing higher numbers, are more than good and above all it is the quality that counts. Thank you all from the heart ❤ ”. It's still: ". “This TV series, calling it that already belittles it, is one of the few recent television works that we could bequeath as TIMELESS MASTERPIECES! I can't imagine the performers in other roles, other roles, everyone is in their place and cannot be changed in any way, the last episode will be a sad farewell! "

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