Commissioner Ricciardi wins over GF Vip. And Enrica's sacrifice is moving

Maria Vera Ratti

Lino Guanciale with "Commissario Ricciardi" triumphs over everyone on TV. Enrica is moved by sacrificing herself for him, while Livia fascinates and her disarming beauty makes one dream

Commissioner Ricciardi triumphs once again. The fourth episode, aired on Rai1 on February 15, wins over everyone and Lino Guanciale's fiction is the most popular broadcast on Monday evening, as has now been the custom for four weeks. A success which is also due to the exciting episode where Ricciardi shows himself vulnerable and his Enrica is ready to do anything for him.

Again, therefore, the GF Vip sees himself ousted by Commissioner Ricciardi who convinces 5,600,000 spectators with 23% share against the 3,500,000 (and 20% share) of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, despite the return to the House by Maria Teresa Ruta who spared no one.

But viewers were fascinated by the poignant story of little Tetté, which Lino Guanciale had told in advance on his Instagram profile (see the video above). A little orphan, mistreated and friendless, who died under mysterious circumstances. Yellow leaves everyone in suspense until the end, when it resolves itself in the most dramatic of ways.

Meanwhile, for the first time, Ricciardi shows himself helpless and commits a fatal step with Livia from which he can hardly go back. But if the beautiful Livia, played by Serena Iansiti (read our interview) seduces him, it is the shy Enrica, who has the face of Maria Vera Ratti, who wins his heart. The girl, in order to save him from premature death, makes an extreme sacrifice that reveals all her love for the impenetrable Commissioner.

The emotion overwhelmed the audience and many commented on Maria Vera Ratti's Instagram profile what happened in the fourth episode: “What a splendid interpretation…!
Tonight all your sensitivity and all the wonderful story of your love came out. We hope that Commissioner Riccardo realizes the luck that has happened to him… .. !!!! Brava. Very good. Great". And again: “Very good !! I have never been so excited ”. "You are the revelation of this fiction!".

For her a shower of compliments, "very good" is the adjective most used to describe her interpretations: "Good good good … finally in this episode they made you act … .. interpretation I would dare to say perfect !!!! 👏👏👏👏 ❤️ ". “That silent conversation of glances at the window is elegy and pure love. Very good".

A personal triumph therefore for Maria Vera Ratti. But there are those who are worried about how the love story between Enrica and Ricciardi will end: "But how do you do it? If the inspector has slept with the widowed lady you will find out and you promised the mother if I was cured you would leave them alone, don't give up the inspector must be your husband ”.

However, not everyone cheers for Enrica, in fact there are those who would like to see the Commissioner, alias Lino Guanciale, alongside Livia. And so he comments on Serena Iansiti's Instagram profile: "I sincerely cheer for Livia masterfully played by Serena Iansiti. Expression of sensuality and femininity". “And once again we will have the confirmation that class is not water but pure charm… Serena really congratulates!”. Many are struck by the sophisticated beauty of Iansiti who shot a passionate scene between the sheets with Guanciale and after those images, for many Serena has become a dream.

In short, the game between Enrica and Livia is still open. Now it will be up to Commissioner Ricciardi to take the initiative and make his move.

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