Condensed milk: watch out for sugars


Loved by all children and also by many adults, condensed milk is very different from the cow’s milk from which it originates. «The basic ingredient is deprived of much of the water it is rich in, then they are added significant amounts of sugar which make it thick and sticky, give it the typical sweet and caramelized flavor and they prolong it a lot durationif kept hermetically sealed, because microorganisms are prevented from multiplying “, explains the doctor Francesca Argellatinutrition biologist in Genoa.

What does condensed milk contain

Again due to the high content of simple carbohydrates, condensed milk is a food very energetic. “There are about 57 g per 100 g of product, therefore more than half of the total weight, and they are mainly disaccharides, in particular sucrose”, continues our expert. “Then there are the lipids, represented largely by triglycerides, or saturated fats, which are close to 10 g per hectogram. The proteins, just under 9 g, are instead of good biological value. And among the positive notes there is also the fact that mineral salts aboundespecially potassium, phosphorus and calcium, and vitamins, including B2 or riboflavin and A. However, these latter characteristics are not enough to authorize a frequent consumption of condensed milk, because – as previously emphasized – it contains a lot, too much sugarwhich can favor the onset of inflammation in the body ».

It also counts the “how” it is used

Although this is not a food to be counted among the healthiest, it is still not necessary to ban condensed milk. “The important thing is not to make it a snack to be enjoyed every day, but only occasionally instead of dessert (because such it is), combining it with a “smart” food such as wholemeal bread: spreading it on a slice, in fact, you eat less than consuming it with a spoon. In addition, the properties of the fibers contained in wholemeal products are exploited, which help balance the impact on blood sugar and to limit insulin spikes. Alternatively, it can be used as an ingredient for the preparation of some spoon desserts, in which it replaces the sugar-cream combination»Concludes Dr. Argellati.

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