Confident children in small groups. The opinion of pediatricians

Confident children in small groups. The opinion of pediatricians

The recommendations came from Doctor Rino Agostiniani, vice president of the Italian Society of Pediatrics

In view of what will objectively be a summer different from the others, among the thoughts of parents who have young children there are questions relating to the reconciliation between safeguarding the leisure moments of the little ones and the necessary prevention of infections from SARS-CoV- 2. Dr. Rino Agostiniani, vice president of the Italian Society of Pediatrics (SIP) thought about providing useful clarifications.

The expert stressed the safety of the game in small groups, better if homogeneous. In this way, it is in fact possible to minimize the risk of the presence of virus carriers and, in the event of the appearance of positive cases, to identify the contacts. According to Augustinians, there is no problem with regards to snacks both at home and on the beach under an umbrella, as long as you do not neglect hand hygiene and concentrate on maintaining social distance.

The Doctor, whose recommendations on the summer daily lives of children have been published on the ANSA website pages, underlined that it is better to leverage the point just mentioned rather than focus exclusively on the sense of security that instills the use of the mask, a useful device above all to the protection of others.

One topic on which the expert focused was the management of group play requests that children often make to their parents. Augustinians recommended a balance on this, reiterating that a summer awaits us during which we will have to take several precautions. Considering the fact that the situation we are experiencing will also accompany us for the months to come, the expert suggests parents to speak with their children, putting in the foreground messages that are as clear as possible and avoiding content focused on terror.

He then reiterated that going to the beach will be safe this summer, as the transmission modes of the Covid-19 and other infectious diseases are less dangerous than in the winter, which sees us most of the time in closed and characterized environments from a high level of humidity.

The situation in the summer months is different: as always pointed out by Augustinians, the open spaces and the climatic peculiarities of the period make the transmission of saliva droplets more difficult. Highlighting once again the importance of hand hygiene and the distance between the umbrellas, he pointed out that it is not appropriate to prohibit young children from playing with peers and that it is appropriate to make room for common sense, transferring recommendations such as not to rub your eyes often or try to avoid bringing your hands to your mouth.

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