Contour bob: the 2023 hair trend that enhances the face giving a lifting effect

Contour bob: the 2023 hair trend that enhances the face giving a lifting effect

The bob is undoubtedly the cut of 2023, and its variations also include the contour bob: a super trendy haircut that creates a contouring effect on the face!

Contour bob: hair trend 2023

The contour bob is a haircut with defined lines, which helps to create harmony with the shapes of the face, enhancing them. Its length can be varied, from the bob that reaches just to the nape of the neck, up to touching the shoulders: its shape is a reinterpretation of the traditional bob with the aim of creating a contouring effect around the face. If you want a trendy medium-short haircut that gives a lifting effect without having to resort to more drastic solutions, the contour bob is perfect: it enhances the shape of the face and its lines, making it particularly suitable for those on the go. search for an evergreen, trendy and versatile look.

The contouring effect of the bob

An expert hairstylist will be able to create the perfect contour bob for every face: with or without bangs, straightened or wavy, natural or with a few strokes of color, with a central or side line. Usually this cut respects a precise geometry: the back is slightly shorter than the one that frames the face, and it is thanks to this shape that the face will look younger and more defined. Lips, cheekbones, chin, neck and above all eyes: with this haircut you will immediately get an anti-aging action!

The contour bob of the stars

There are many stars who have sported an impeccable contour bob, fueling this now indispensable trend of 2023: Kim Kardashian was one of the first to show off the contour bob, while Kylie Jenner opted for a smooth version and one with soft waves. Emma Roberts showed off a rough and natural bob contour, and the singer Dua Lipa decided to cut her bob strictly with a central line.