Copy Kendall Jenner's look: 4 ways to wear the knot t-shirt!

Copy Kendall Jenner's look: 4 ways to wear the knot t-shirt!

The t-shirt knotted at the waist, worn as the Victoria's Secret super model

Kendall Jenner wears it very often, yet it is something we can all wear even mere mortals and at no cost! What am I talking about? T-shirt knotted at the waist, or knot t-shirt!

It is true, we are not all made like Kendall, but this time its look is really easy to copy: just adapt it to our body! First of all, get yourself a basic t-shirt, even one of those of your boyfriend is fine, because, being wider, it will be easier to tie it and it will fall soft. If you catch it among yours, take care to choose one that is not adherent to the body, then in cotton, even flamed, and not in microfiber: the effect must be casual.

And then? Then it's simple, just make the knot! But … where to tie it?

1. The knot t-shirt if you have a wide chest

Steal one from your boy: it must be soft, so as not to highlight the chest. Knot it in the center, just above the navel and then spread it on the sides.

Kendall Jenner – Pinterest photo

3. The knot t-shirt with the skirt

Why not? The high-waisted skirt is perfect. If you don't feel like it, try the pleated skirt, which falls softer. If your forte is the waist, tie it over your navel and prefer a high-waisted skirt: the eye will not fall there and you will be enhanced to the fullest!

Kendall Jenner – Pinterest photo

4. The knot t-shirt with sporty pants

Whether with the pants of the suit or with jeans, it's always good, the important thing is to be comfortable. You can also wear it with coulotte pants and tie the shirt just below the navel: it will give you an easy chic look. Add a couple of Converse and you're done!

Kendall Jenner – Pinterest photo

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