Copy Michelle Hunziker's look: fresh and bright makeup

Copy Michelle Hunziker's look: fresh and bright makeup

Michelle Hunziker has always been an icon of style, with simple water and soap looks, but also elegant and refined. Here's how to copy her look quickly and easily

If we talk about Michelle Hunziker, a word immediately comes to mind: simplicity. Simplicity of his person, of his always cheerful and cheerful character, but also of his style. Never vulgar or out of place, elegant and refined but also sexy. Copying her look, especially when it comes to makeup, is not that difficult. In fact, Michelle's classic make-up is refined, bright and radiant, which focuses heavily on nude tones, defined eyes but without exaggeration and perfected complexion.

The face base by Michelle Hunziker, delicate and luminous

The face base is fresh, impeccably made, going to cover discolourations and imperfections, without however weighing down the features. A touch of bright foundation, matting the strategic points of the T zone, corrector to illuminate the eye area and a slight contouring. To rebalance the volumes of the face, opt for a delicate contouring, not too much artifact, which slightly warms the complexion, then highlighting the cheekbones with a touch of natural blush and illuminating. Nothing too flashy or exaggerated: the rule is naturalness.

Source: Instagram

Nude and natural or with a hint of definition: here is the show girl's favorite eye makeup

For eye makeup, he always prefers a soap and water look, almost a "no makeup makeup", that is, a makeup that is there, but almost not seen. No excesses, therefore, for her everyday makeup, so she chooses bright and clear eye shadows to be applied on the whole eyelid. Almost always essential is a touch of black pencil or eyeliner, to border the eye and make it more intense. This is because its type of eye is slightly sunken and, with light colors, it manages to rebalance its proportions. Lots of mascara or, alternatively, tufts of false eyelashes at the outer corner of the eye, natural, to open the gaze and extend it outwards.

Source: Instagram

However, there is no lack of more structured and intense looks, often preferring dove gray or cold brown shades with a hint of gray inside. No complicated and elaborate looks, just a little eye shadow to intensify the crease of the eye or to fade over the entire eyelid, for a slight smokey eyes. The eyeshadow brings it stretched outwards, for a more magnetic and feline look. There is no shortage of occasions, but more rarely, in which stronger tricks are given, preferring black smokey eyes, but contained and not too saturated, not to go to make the eye smaller.

Even for the lips the choice falls on natural shades, which enhance the color

For the lips, however, go-ahead with nude tones, choosing lipsticks with a slightly pink hue or with a hint of brown. The textures he prefers are creamy, no opaque lips but rather a plumped effect, quite bright. The gloss is also a faithful friend, who often applies it over the lipstick, in the center of the lips, to enlarge them optically. The colors she chooses are the ones that enhance her lip color the most, without changing it, but we have also seen her show off more intense lipsticks, in shades of red.

Source: Instagram

That of Michelle Hunziker is a classic style, which is well suited to every day and to any type of occasion, as well as an eye. A look that has remained unchanged over time, in which its true beauty and radiance are the protagonists, also accompanied by long blonde hair, worn almost always straight or slightly wavy and accompanied by a side line or by a light and messy curtain fringe, for make the eyes even more the focal point of her makeup.

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