Copy this position if you really want to impress your partner

Have you ever heard of the firefighter position? No, don’t worry: you won’t have to put out a fire unless we talk about the one of your passion!

There is a cliché that i firefighters are real Adoni.

position of the fireman

(source: TipsForWoman – made on: Canva)

Indeed, whoever is a firefighter must to undergo to hard workouts physical and always be in top shape.
If you put the charm of the uniform and the fact that they often save kittens (even human lives, yes, but you want to put up with a nice kitten?) The game is done.
Well, now it’s time to try there They position: ready to find out what it is?

The position of the fireman: here’s how to light (and then extinguish) the fire of passion

No, come on, don’t worry: the fireman position does not require you to swap partners with a handsome firefighter (although maybe you wouldn’t mind).

position of the fireman

(source: TipsForWoman – made on: Canva)

Of course, then you don’t have to turn off fires or run up stairs leaning against burning buildings.
In short: the position of the fireman is quite quiet.
Let’s say enough why, along with that of the tree frog, this is also one of the strangest positions that can be found in the Kamasutra.

Not bad to try, right?
But how do you get into the position of the fireman and why is it called that?
The fireman position is also called the rescue position because it looks like your partner has saved you… even if from a slip!
Like a real firefighter he grabbed you on the fly while, in his haste to save you, you ended up in his arms.
But in what position did he save you?

Let’s get into position: here’s how

We strongly advise against trying to put yourself in this position… sliding.
The fireman position, in fact, wants your partner to be standing while you are (literally) to legs in the air.
Your hips join “backwards” as you rest your ankles behind your partner.

Start by leaning on a plan that can support you without problems. The floor (adequately covered with a carpet or some pillows to avoid drama) could be fine!
Your partner takes you by the legs and, slowly as he pulls you more and more “up” you can force yourself on the floor to get to the right position.
At this point, there is nothing left to do but let yourself go into the actual relationship.

Exactly the same as for the position of the open bookhere it doesn’t matter how fast or violently the report proceeds.
With the location of fireman it’s all about breathing, synchronization and a slow but pleasant relationship, made of calm and intensity.
Let the “flames” of passion burn between you and, slowly, put them out thanks to the position of the fireman.
Of course, we recommend that you pay close attention and maybe even try it a few times before understanding how to do it.

The gamehowever, it holds true surely there candle.
Not to mention, you now have an excuse to buy a sexy firefighter costume and put it on your partner before you get busy!
You might even create a whole fantasy about it: you, damsel in distress trapped in building in flameswhat are you waiting to be rescued by the firefighter …
In short, there is no shortage of opportunities to really have fun: are you ready to get busy?