Copying Aurora Ramazzotti’s green outfit is possible at any age

Copying Aurora Ramazzotti's green outfit is possible at any age

When you are born the children of famous people you have a rightful place in the world of entertainment, it goes without saying the opposite. From there to being nice, cute, intelligent and humble, however, “it passes”. This is the case of Aurora Ramazzotti whose outfit we are copying today.

Green like the hope that must always be there, green like the nature that surrounds us and like the color of femininity and charm that Aurora Ramazzotti releases in her Instagram post despite her young age. If we have particularly fair skin, a lean body and the right occasion to show ourselves with this style, then the emerald shirt dress is the right solution.

Green look for Aurora Ramazzotti 11-5-22

Source: Canva.

If it is too long, you can unbutton it a little, if it is too anonymous, you can add a thin belt at the waist possibly with a logo so that the shirt dress paid for twenty-five euros immediately appears a hundred times higher.

How to copy aurora Ramazzotti’s green outfit and when to show it off

Deciding to wear a beautiful intense green instead of staying on the more inflated but still beautiful pastel colors is not for everyone.

Aurora Ramazzotti 11-5-22

Source: Instagram.

If you want to spend a maximum of fifty euros, the proposal of Mango is right for us. The satin fabric and the very tight and straight model have a sweetheart neckline and a matching zip closure on the back. A sobriety that lets us indulge in accessories.

The cocktail dress by Misspap (42.90 euros on Aboutyou) with crossed lacing stands out for its cut and details. To be worn absolutely with high heels, sandals with thin white strips or nude décolleté.

The dress of is of the same model as Aurora The Redoute Collection (34.79 euros already discounted on the official website) long up to the ankles and long sleeves with buttons at the cuffs. For the taller ones, the ideal is to wear it with a flat sandal or with a pair of contrasting oversized sneakers.

Green satin dress 11-5-22.

Source: Pinterest.

Creative and particular the idea of Self-Portrait (on MyTheresa for 340 euros). It consists of a short dress – Azalea model – with thin straps, emerald green floral embroidery on a flesh-colored base that creates an optical effect of see and do not see.

With a colorful suit you are never wrong these days but even with a green dress you are elegant and totally different from those around you who, in all likelihood, will focus on black, blue or white.

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