Corona, Celentano to the judges: "Fury on a desperate"


Corona, Celentano's defense continues on social media: he addresses the judges, asking them not to prove themselves slaves to their dislikes, not to rage on a desperate person. And he reiterates that he has an idea

Adriano Celentano's defense against Fabrizio Corona continues via social media. The sprung man, who signs himself "The Inexistent" on his Instagram profile and has taken the cause of Fabrizio to heart, currently locked up in the psychiatry ward of the Niguarda Hospital in Milan, under soothing treatment, publishes a new post, siding openly.

Celentano had first published a long post addressing Fabrizio, showing him solidarity and asking him to "fix his path", in the name of all people like him are victims of injustice. This time, however, he turns directly to the judges, going down hard, accusing them of being slaves to their dislikes and of having shown a real fury towards a desperate man. By asking them to prove themselves to be good men and adding cryptically, as they have been doing for some time now, to "have a (mysterious) idea …."

Dear Crown judges. With a slightly exuberant type like Fabrizio, perhaps I too, in your shoes, would have lost my patience … but then I would not have forgotten that I am a JUDGE …. and a judge cannot be a slave to his own personal dislikes. I realize that it is not easy to separate certain feelings, however, not to the point of not taking into account the moods of a condemned person, especially if these concern serious aspects of his health. Your behavior, which in the entire common of Italians, results as a real fury on a rather DESPERATE person and tremendously weakened by his unstable conditions. Without forgetting that L'accANITO, laughing and joking, has already served 8 years in prison. You understand that all this violently clashes with a justice where unfortunately there are no cases in which in place of a healthy ERGASTOLO, individuals are left free who make people to PIECES, Dear judges, as I see it, a judge is not he can call Judge, if before being a judge he is not an infinitely good MAN. Because only if he is infinitely good will he be able to examine not only the great, but also the smallest facets of a crime. And you, it seemed to me that you are neglecting the most important aspect of your mission. And perhaps, I would not like to say it, but also the somewhat DRAMATIC conditions of Fabrizio Corona …. But I have an idea …. THE NON-EXISTENT

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