Coronavirus, Eliana Michelazzo rushed to hospital

Coronavirus, Eliana Michelazzo rushed to hospital

Pamela Prati's former manager, Eliana Michelazzo, was transported to hospital after testing positive for Covid-19

Positive vip at Covid-19, messages from fans and colleagues

Eliana Michelazzo was rushed to hospital after testing positive for Coronavirus. The former manager of Pamela Prati, as reported by Adnkronos, was taken by ambulance to Umberto I in Rome. His condition would worsen overnight after he declared he contracted Covid-19.

"I was taken by ambulance to the Gemelli emergency room, they made my blood samples and I wait for the results – Michelazzo told Adnkronos -. I woke up with blood in my throat and a lot of breathlessness, I got scared and ran to 112 ”. A few days ago, the Instagram star revealed that she had undergone the swab on her return from a holiday in Sardinia. "I took a swab at Forlanini on 23 August afternoon for safety and the result arrived after 4 days and unfortunately I am also positive at Covid – he explained -. I am very scared. I have no fever but I am always sleepy and I sleep soundly, I do not feel the flavors and smells and I do not eat almost anything. I am at home alone and the ASL told me to wait 14 days and then to redo the swab. We hope that the situation does not worsen ”.

41 years old and a career in the entertainment world, Eliana Michelazzo had told of having spent the holidays in Costa Smeralda with some friends. Last year the manager ended up at the center of the controversy due to the Pamela Prati affair and the marriage, never celebrated, between the showgirl and the non-existent Mark Caltagirone. Involved in the affair together with Pamela Perricciolo, Michelazzo was the first to reveal that the entrepreneur did not exist in an episode of Live – Non è la D’Urso.

Eliana, who has a past as a suitor of Men and Women, had revealed that she had been deceived in turn, explaining that she had woven a relationship with a man who had never actually existed, Simone Coppi. Later the influencer had begun a long path of rebirth, changing jobs and focusing on the creation of a book and a film, inspired by the story lived by Pamela Prati.

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