Costumes: full color

Costumes: full color

Colorful and suitable for any body: here are some ideas for shopping on the coolest costumes

How many of you went to the beach in this particular summer? If by chance you are thinking of a short vacation or even just a day on the beach, here are some ideas of super colorful swimsuits, suitable for various physiognomies.

Full color costumes: fuchsia

If you have little breasts or have breasts that do not need particular support, the triangle is ideal. You can also choose it with the cup slightly padded or preformed, in order to enhance its roundness. Tip: if you want to optically increase the breast volume, slightly distance the triangles!

Verdissima source

Full color costumes: black

Black is also a color! If you have soft hips or abdomen, my advice is to opt for a high-waisted, retro-style brief. Even the dark color optically helps to pull off the silhouette.

Verdissima source

Full color costumes: green and glitter

Another useful option to emphasize a minute breast: details, embroidery and ruffles will focus attention on the décolleté. Conversely, in the case of important breasts, it is better to opt for clean cuts and firmer fabrics.

Verdissima source

Costumes in full color: blue

If you have small shoulders, the ruffles on the shoulder straps can help you open them. The diagonal cuts instead divert attention from the shoulders and are particularly suitable in case they are very open.

One Piece Swimsuit Club Bossa

Full color costumes: pink

If you have little breasts and a low center of gravity, the ideal is a one-piece swimsuit with a low-cut and very high-cut, so as to optically lengthen the legs and give depth to the breast.

One piece swimsuit Gloria Coelho

Full color costumes: red

If you are super sporty and you love to move also on the beach, the ideal is to choose a top that helps you to contain your breasts to avoid any jolts. As for the briefs, opt for a cut that accompanies the movements.

Pinko source

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