Cough and Asthma: natural remedies

Cough and Asthma: natural remedies

Cough and asthma are persistent and annoying ailments, but finally it is possible to say goodbye with a natural cough remedy based on red onions, lemon and honey

Asthma and cough are two respiratory problems that must be treated following the doctor's instructions. However, it is also true that the so-called grandmother's remedies can be of great help in alleviating the annoyance. The smoke and smog that we breathe every day significantly compromises breathing. To relieve the nuisances you can prepare a mixture of red onions, lemon and honey at home which is a natural remedy even more valid than syrup.

The recipe to prepare this panacea is very simple, just follow the following doses:
Half a kilo of red onions
2 lemons
7 spoons of honey
7 cups of water
2 tablespoons of maple syrup
Maple syrup is poured into a large enough pan and cooked over low heat with the onions. Then the water must be gradually added, taking care to turn the mixture clockwise. At this point it must be cooled and lemon and honey can be added. The natural syrup thus created should be stored in a glass bottle in a cool and dry place.

We recommend taking a spoonful of homemade syrup before each main meal, then lunch and dinner. The effectiveness of this natural remedy is 100% guaranteed, but you must have the courage to take it! The taste, in fact, is certainly not the best and the ingredients of which it is made do not match at all well. But once you find the strength, you will immediately benefit greatly. Honey, onions and lemon are three foods that have an important characteristic in common: they are natural antibacterials. The onion also attracts the bacteria that are in the air so a good habit would be to put an open onion on the bedside table before falling asleep and in the morning you will wake up much better. The smell, however, is strong and rather annoying, but can be endured given the results.

By introducing these foods, even separately, into the diet, you can prevent and keep your body fit and healthy. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, lemon is not an astringent but is a metabolic regulator. So there is no fear that constipation can arise when taking homemade syrup. For those who just cannot swallow the syrup, you can try something much more appetizing: cocoa.

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