Couple survival: regaining space during forced coexistence

Couple survival: regaining space during forced coexistence

Being together during quarantine means sharing a limited space 24 hours a day. Nice? Not always. Tips for not replicating War of the Roses

Someone will think that it must not be so bad to spend time at home with the person you love. This romantic vision of a couple quarantine like a honeymoon is probably something that belongs to teenagers or who, because of the epidemic, is spending the days away from their partner.

Is it really so terrible to live with your partner? Looking at China, we would almost say yes. After the quarantine, in fact, there was a boom in divorces, couples who obviously didn't spend too much time together did not benefit so much.

Of course looking each other in the eyes, holding hands, kissing goodnight and making love are beautiful habits. But what happens when you are forced to spend 24 hours a day, every day with the same person? In short, if before we could close our eyes to the disorder of our partner and those splashes of water on the mirror after we had cleaned, things begin to become unbearable when we no longer have even the excuse of "I go out to take a little because I can't stand you anymore. "

So how to survive? Inevitably, if one of the two in the couple is stressed, and we can say that the period contributes to it, the relationship is also affected. No one was prepared for the situation, this is clear, and if on the one hand the uncertainty that reigns supreme outside can cause anxiety and despair, a real crisis of coexistence can arise within the domestic walls.

It is not so unusual to find yourself saying to your partner "I can't stand you anymore". But before moving directly to divorce, perhaps some strategy to implement can help us save the relationship, and also our well-being.

Meanwhile, we must consider that spaces play their part. In a very large house it will be easier to carve out a personal corner where you can work in smart working mode or dedicate yourself to your passions. Conversely, a smaller home environment can complicate things.

The rule for peaceful survival is to try not to upset your habits, but perhaps agreeing with the partner on times, methods and spaces. Try to organize yourself, to be patient and flexible, only in this way will you overcome the moment. Pragmatism in this case helps more than we can imagine.

And tolerance too. Now more than ever the time has come to accept that your partner is not perfect and everyone makes mistakes, including you. It is not really the case to create unnecessary conflicts during a forced coexistence.

Balance the moments dedicated to things to do together with those to spend in solitude. In a relationship it is essential that each person has their own space so during the days organize your things even in separate rooms and then find yourself at dinner time, eat together and maybe watch a movie.

You will be able to take advantage of this period to intensify the dialogue that perhaps was lacking with personal commitments, find the faded spark due to the hectic everyday life and hope … not to get divorced.

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