Covid-19: how and who to vaccinate, expert advice

Covid-19: how and who to vaccinate, expert advice

It is important to protect those who risk the most and at the same time, and at all ages, not to let your guard down

Securing the Sars-CoV-2 virus vaccine to people over the age of 80 as soon as possible is essential. And other vaccinations must not be blocked, because there is no risk of epidemics linked to a lack of protection for vaccine-preventable diseases.

The Siti (Italian Society of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Public Health) enters the field, through the mouth of its President Antonio Ferro, to remind you how important it is to protect those who risk the most and at the same time, and at all ages, not let your guard down with immunizations that can protect us.

There is a need for priority

“Vaccinations must continue – explains Antonio Ferro, President of the Society of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Public Health -. We cannot stop the vaccination campaign against Covid and we must act by giving priorities. Right now, surely, the first on the list are all those people over 80 years of age who, alone, make up more than 40% of hospitalizations. We must then reschedule the vaccinations, using places that were previously not suitable: open spaces, sports halls, gyms … The "direction" must be from the Prevention Departments. Another important message is that we cannot block all other vaccinations. We cannot afford epidemics from lack of vaccinations ”.

Among the recent activities of SItI, in this sense, the experience of the Calendar for Life and the contribution it has provided over the years to the formulation of the National Vaccination Plan – and consequent Regional Plans – but also the intervention for the eradication plan Measles and Rubella.

We must not forget the commitment of SItI and its members in support of communication in the vaccination field with the fortunate and extraordinary experience of the VaccinarSì website and its regional branches, created by SItI in collaboration with the Ministry and the Regions, which will certainly be able to prove to be precious, in the necessary communicative action in support of the anti Covid-19 vaccination campaign.

Furthermore, since its foundation, the Prevention Department has been the link in the vaccination chain between the Direction of Hospitals, Districts and General Practitioners and Family Pediatricians.

Let's not forget the other vaccinations

There is a calendar, which starts from the second month of life and which must be respected also considering the particular epidemiology of the pathologies: meningococcal B infection, for example, is more frequent in the first year of life and prevention must therefore be done in time.

In the era of Covid-19, however, the facilities organized themselves to offer protected routes, avoiding, through targeted appointments, the possible overlap of people in the waiting room and at the time of vaccination and thus reducing the possible risks. This organizational model will be particularly important in the coming weeks, when it will be necessary to protect oneself from the flu epidemic, both for the individual and to reduce the possibility that different viral pictures overlap with obvious repercussions on care.

The WHO and the Ministry of Health for this reason recommend the non-interruption of vaccinations for children, the elderly and the population at risk. The importance of vaccinations in the pandemic era assumes further importance also to avoid the packages between coronavirus and other infectious agents that can aggravate the clinical picture and be protected against a disease – we also think of pneumococcal infection, which has symptoms in common to those of the coronavirus it also serves to resolve any diagnostic doubts.

Obviously, maximum safety conditions must be guaranteed for users and operators: programming by booking, triage, mask, hand sanitization, spacing, ventilation, sanitation of the premises and everything needed for everyone's peace of mind.

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