Covid-19, how the messenger-RNA vaccine works

Covid-19, how the messenger-RNA vaccine works

The anti-Covid vaccine would be able to prevent more than 90 percent of cases of infection: how it works and how safe it is

There is great excitement, in the scientific world and beyond, for the results of the first analysis of a research on a vaccine to prevent infection with the Sars-CoV-2 virus, the person responsible for the pandemic that is changing our lives and which affects the entire planet.

According to what is reported by the data of the companies that are working on this prototype, Pfizer and BioNTech, the vaccine in advanced testing (we are in phase III, the one that precedes the definitive availability) the vaccine would be able to prevent for more than 90 percent cases of infection in those who had not yet developed the infection itself. The numbers do not yet allow to reach definitive certainties, but in terms of efficacy and safety these are extremely important and encouraging observations.

What the first results say

The results presented are related to a study conducted on just under 45,000 people, of which almost 40,000 were subjected to two doses of the vaccine, one before and the next booster. The preliminary analysis that examined about a hundred evaluable cases (for this reason we are still at the beginning of a process that can be extremely rapid) shows precisely that the efficacy and safety of the vaccine candidate are extremely high, in comparison to placebo.

For this reason it is necessary to evaluate the percentage of effectiveness on larger numbers, but in any case these very first observations are extremely interesting, which seem to demonstrate a valid protective efficacy of vaccination. There is also another aspect that must be considered: for the methods of preparation, the messenger-RNA vaccine could in fact be extremely "easy" to prepare in a large number of doses in a relatively short time, and this aspect must also be considered. in terms of future prevention, remembering that probably (this is the great hope) we should arrive at various effective vaccines, to meet the needs of many people.

How the m-RNA vaccine works

This method of preparing the vaccine (also the one that the Modern company is studying is based on RNA-messenger technology) is innovative. In practice, the specific RNA-Messenger is introduced into small particles of fat, which function as real ferrymen.

In this vehicle of lipids the RNA-messenger that characterizes antigens of the virus from which we want to defend enters the cytoplasm of the cell and therefore stimulates the production of proteins that are able to take off the response of the immune system towards the protein " spike ”, that is the invisible component that characterizes the“ spikes ”found on the surface of the virus.

We are facing great hope, just as important are the many efforts that are made with the production of more "known" vaccines, such as that of Astra-Zeneca which instead provides that it is a virus that carries antigens, that is signalers, capable of setting in motion the defensive response. In short: the world is working at great speed, and with different techniques, to protect a large number of people and thus prevent Sars-CoV-2 infection.

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