Covid-19, how to deal with stress, headache, menstrual pain and minor annoyances

Covid-19, how to deal with stress, headache, menstrual pain and minor annoyances

The Covid emergency has had a strong impact on women's daily health: what to do in order not to lose sight of prevention

The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly changed our lives. And with the lockdown, habits changed, even the good ones, which helped us maintain well-being. And women risked neglecting their general health, especially for young women. For all of them, it is necessary to remember the importance of screening, contact with the gynecologist for contraceptive choices and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. But above all we need to know each other.

According to a research by Assosalute, the national self-medication drug association, conducted in collaboration with Human Highway, due to the consequent restrictions and concerns, reduced physical activity and forced stay at home, some disorders have increased: 57% of women suffered more than usual from stress-related disorders (such as insomnia and muscle tension), 42% experienced increased leg swelling and 35% had headaches. On the remedies front, the survey reveals how women are used to "choosing" to deal with the hassles of every day, they rely more and more on doctors and pharmacists than a few years ago and, in the last year, they are less inclined to ask the internet world for advice. More awareness, in short.

Knowing your body is essential

Headache (65.4%) is the most common disorder followed by muscle tension and insomnia (57.9%), and gastrointestinal problems (43%). Furthermore, one in three women report that the lockdown has also affected their intimacy.

The data is particularly relevant among young women who in 40% of cases have observed a change in the sphere of desire or have changed their choices regarding pregnancy and contraception, also paying less attention to the health of the gynecological area.

"The drastic reduction, due to the restrictions due to Covid-19, of normal activities, such as a simple walk to reduce the level of stress to which one is subjected to work or school, has had and still has a strong impact on psychophysical health female – comments Rossella Nappi, Full Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic of the University of Pavia – IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo. However, small female ailments should not be overlooked. The cycle and fertility are also conditioned by exogenous factors related to everyday life. Stress, eating habits, weight and physical activity all have an impact on women's health. It is essential to be aware of your body. Women's health arises from a path that begins in adolescence with education that is transmitted both by the gynecologist and by the family. "

In short: attention and knowledge are essential. Let's not forget that education about one's health also includes proper management of minor ailments, even as regards the so-called gynecology of small things.

Don't lose sight of prevention

The lockdown not only had a direct impact on women's daily health, but 54% of Italians postponed at least one visit or a health check: 30.8% postponed a single check while the remaining 26.2% did postponed more than one. The data shows that it is women between 35 and 54 who neglected their health the most during the pandemic period, with an increase of 7 percentage points on the total average.

"Disregarding the controls for fear of Covid-19 infections can have various implications for women's health – adds Nappi". What to do? It is essential to know each other. "Self-medication can prove to be a valuable ally for the management of small intimate ailments, such as vaginitis and inflammation by promoting self-medication education to recognize minor ailments – says the expert. In any case, however – especially if the disorders continue for a longer period – the importance of a specialist consultation – which can now also take place electronically – and, above all, preventive screening should not be overlooked ".

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