Covid-19, how will we manage to control it?

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Evolution of the pandemic in Italy, possible countermeasures, prevention and above all the more or less indelible signs that Sars-CoV-2 infection leaves on our psyche.

These are the themes on the program for the first SaluTO – Medicine and Wellness talk show, live at 4 pm on Friday 25 September from the Teatro Regio in Turin. Participants are Giovanni Di Perri, Full Professor of Infectious Diseases at the University of Turin, Giovanni Abbate Daga, Full Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Turin, Roberta Siliquini, Full Professor of Hygiene at the University of Turin and Maro Cossolo, President of Federfarma.

The psyche undergoes a severe test

There are those who recognize that they have changed after the pandemic, those who completely "deny" the impact of the virus, those who have had a closing reaction to the world. “We are all this: depressed, anxious, irritable, phobic, deniers and what's more we somatize – explains Abbate Daga. The real problem is that life with COVID 19 is to be tackled as a marathon and not as a sprint. In psychic marathons the psychobiological system of stress comes into play, which functions like an old steelyard. To rebalance the weight that lies on the one hand, we must put our resources and external supports on the scales. In summary we must carry out analysis of the psychological and practical problems that the virus causes us, analysis of the tools available to be used and consequent actions to reduce stress. If the steelyard becomes unbalanced, a chain of reactions of the psychobiological systems is triggered that lead to depression and anxiety according to individual vulnerabilities. To answer: either anxious or depressed depending on who we are ”. On the "prescription" front, there is a need for dialogue and an appeal to responsibility for those who "deny" the virus and accompaniment, with the necessary reassurance, for those who find themselves "oppressed" by the mere feeling of being sick and withdraw into themselves. "Denial is also a way of defending oneself, even if it is dangerous – says the expert. I see a lot of aggression around in this period, aggression is another stress reaction, an extremely harmful reaction. If you go on a collision course with the denial, we will only increase his need to deny. First of all, we need to recognize the right to express a point of view different from ours in order to explain our reasons and public health interests. Secondly, we must ask – in a relaxed atmosphere – to respect the rules that the community has given itself on social distancing and protection measures ”.

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Measures that seemed forgotten

At the moment there is still no vaccine for the Sars-CoV-2 virus. And so old measures, such as personal protection and social distancing, are back in vogue. "Today these are the only effective weapon currently available to control the epidemic – says Siliquini. And there is a lot of evidence in favor: the number of doctors and health personnel infected in the absence, at the beginning, of the correct protections, the fact that where the lock down has not been applied or misinterpreted, the epidemic does not go out or tend to diminish, the fact that outbreaks ignite on the occasion of mass demonstrations. It is essential, despite the correct resumption of normal activities, to try to keep alive the good habits that we had to adopt, that is to avoid gatherings as much as possible, keep the distance and the correct use of masks. Attention should be paid to the flu, for which high vaccination coverage is required, given that the initial symptoms of the two infections are very similar ".

Covid-19, how will we manage to control it

Live web – Friday 25 September 2020 – 4.00 pm

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