Covid-19, mental illness is also prevented on social media

Covid-19, mental illness is also prevented on social media

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused an increase in psychological distress. The initiative to turn the spotlight on mental illness

A "green" campaign is launched to approach Mental Health Day scheduled for 10 October. The goal is to challenge the many, too many prejudices about pathologies such as depression and other conditions related to the psyche. The color green is the leitmotif of the initiative, entitled "Together for mental health" which will travel on social media to the point of "crumbling" thanks to information, the stigma that still erroneously accompanies this situation. On the campaign website, in addition to information to participate, there will also be the launch video of the initiative of an exceptional godmother, the singer-songwriter Noemi.

The pandemic has "triggered" the problems

The data show that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, psychological distress is increasing, with a consequent greater need for recourse to dedicated structures and above all for greater knowledge of the problem, in order not to fall into incorrect prejudices. The wall of stigma and prejudice, which still surrounds people suffering from mental disorders.

"Mental health in Italy needs awareness-raising initiatives for public opinion – explains Massimo di Giannantonio, President of SIP (Italian Society of Psychiatry). Every occasion is in fact essential to keep the attention of citizens high. Only in this way can that of the institutions that for years have underestimated these health problems, both from an organizational and financial point of view, higher than others. In 2030, that is, in less than ten years, diseases of the mind will overtake cardiovascular diseases in first place in the world. And this is pre-Covid-19 data. Considering the enormous increase in cases in this period between pre and post lockdown, it is not excluded that this overtaking may even take place earlier, if it has not already happened ".

The expert continues: "As SIP we have calculated that mental health services will have 30 percent more patients: 300,000 which will add to the 900,000 already in care. To all this is added the always very low propensity for public investment in the field of mental health, with Italy which with its 3.2 percent remains behind in Europe which has averages above 5 percent ".

This is why it is important to gain the spotlight on this issue. This is the goal of the national campaign "Together for mental health", wanted and organized by Lundbeck Italy in view of the World Mental Health Day, next 10 October, to raise awareness on the issue and create a green wave to symbolically restore centrality to people with these disorders. Green is in fact the color of mental health and will be the protagonist of the campaign which, throughout the month of September until the end of October, will involve the public in challenges on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Tik Tok: from the "dance" on a piece of music created ad hoc for the initiative and a choreography specially designed by a dance troupe, the Kataklò Academy.

A right for everyone

Mental health is a right to be protected even more today, also in the logic of the restart that we all hope for. Those who join the challenges can also appear in the final summary video of the campaign that will be made with the contribution of everyone. The exceptional godmother is the singer-songwriter Noemi.

All the information to participate in the campaign and Noemi's launch video can be found on the website where every day it will be possible to see how the wall of prejudices is weakening and, participating in one of the different challenges – October 10 is also the deadline to participate in the second edition of the People in Mind competition, which invites anyone to show closeness and understanding to people with mental disorders through drawings, paintings, comics and digital photographs and who want to enhance the commitment of the third sector in terms of mental health, with a contest dedicated to it.

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