Covid-19, reading in a "couple" helps well-being

Covid-19, reading in a "couple" helps well-being

Reading in pairs allows you to improve understanding and to overcome possible language difficulties

Let's face it. In this period we have enough time, often staying at home, to pick up a good book or to buy others, of the kind we prefer. Reading and telling is extremely important, both for exploring the world of fantasy and for learning and knowing. But from science comes a particular advice: if possible, at home, remember that it can be important to read with friends. It can help you improve your vocabulary and overcome possible language difficulties.

Two are less "automatic"

It is important to sit together in an armchair to devote the right attention to a good book – obviously maintaining the right distance necessary in this period – to remember how curious research conducted in Spain is, published in the scientific journal Cortex, which deals with the problems of neurological and psychological interest.

Scholars from the Complutense University of Madrid and the Instituto de Salud Carlos III, have tried to see what happens when you dedicate yourself to reading alone or in company, to see if there are differences and they have done so by subjecting to a particular examination, electroencephalography, the "work" of the brain solicited by following the pages (they can be paper or even e-books) to which we dedicate our attention.

When people read in solitude the answers were of a certain type, and in any case different from those observed when instead two people, at a safe distance but together, were engaged in the same activity.

In summary, it became clear that facing a reading in pairs becomes a way to improve not only the understanding of what is being followed, but also the very elaboration of the language in the volume to which the necessary attention is paid. More than anything else, it is clear that couple reading is an excellent tool to let the imagination fly more freely, which instead appears more harnessed and in some way less linked to the "automatic" reading that you can have by being alone to leaf through the pages of a volume.

In short: comprehension improves when the same reading activity is carried out in company and this would be particularly important in the school environment, when the value of the story truly becomes a fundamental means for developing linguistic and processing skills, even in times of pandemic.

Read with the children

If for adults the concentration necessary to devote themselves to reading can be more "effective" as a couple, when it comes to children, especially if they are small, the fact that mom and / or dad are together with the frugoletto when he ventures to leaf through a book, maybe not of paper in the first years of life, it appears fundamental.

This is proved by a research conducted in paediatrics at Mott University, Michigan, which appeared some time ago in Pediatrics. When parents and children find themselves interacting through a story that can be followed in a book, they are much more present and "connected" to each other, which happens to a lesser extent when you are in front of a smartphone screen.

By recounting and reading a paper volume together, the child can "touch" what is being narrated and rejoice as a result. In short, the important thing is to look for company in moments of reading. It is a simple rule, to be applied to all ages.

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