Covid, Fedez responds to Bocelli's denial that apologizes: "I was misunderstood"


Distance controversy between Bocelli and Fedez. The tenor had downplayed the severity of the pandemic and after the rapper posted the photo of an 18-year-old who underwent a lung transplant he publicly apologized

That ugly mess of Andrea Bocelli. That as his children say, "Better take care of the Tosca than the virus."

It all started when during an intervention in the Senate, Monday 27 July 2020 (during the conference "Covid-19 in Italy, between information science and rights") the tenor had publicly said that he felt humiliated and offended as a citizen, during the lockdown, for the constraint of having to stay home. And since nobody around him he knew had been in intensive care, the doubt that "things were not as we were told" had also voluntarily disobeyed the ban on not going out

Things weren't as we were told. When I started to express some doubts about the pandemic, the first to criticize me were the children ("You think about Tosca and leave the viruses alone"), but as time passed and I didn't know anyone who was in intensive care, I I asked: 'So all this gravity?' And there was a moment when I felt humiliated and offended, deprived of the freedom to leave the house without having committed any crime, and I confess that in some cases I disobeyed this prohibition. It did not seem right and healthy to stay at home, I am a certain age and I needed only emvitamin d …

Open sky: on social media the tenor has been covered with criticism. And also Fedez, who also had a wonderful concert on the balcony with him during the lockdown, did not slip on him.

On Twitter he published a photo with a boy and wrote:

If you don't know anyone who has been in intensive care and you allow yourself to instill the doubt that the pandemic was science fiction, I present a friend of mine who causes Covid to have had a lung transplant at 18 years old. Then silence every now and then does not hurt huh

At that point, Bocelli's apologies came immediately: “I spent the first day with the Foundation that bears my name to help those who were in difficulty with the virus. Today in the Senate I was misunderstood. I am not a denier, I am an optimist and I start from here with a prayer ".

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