Covid, how to book the vaccine with Poste Italiane

Covid, how to book the vaccine with Poste Italiane

In some Italian regions it is possible to book your vaccine through the Poste Italiane platform

The vaccination campaign against Covid-19 continues at a fast pace throughout Italy, in an attempt to stem the spread of the virus by immunizing the categories most at risk. Now you can book your appointment also through the Poste Italiane platform, here is the procedure.


  • Vaccini, the role of Poste Italiane
  • How to book the vaccine on Poste Italiane
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Vaccini, the role of Poste Italiane

There have been many hitches that, in recent months, some realities have encountered in organizing appointments to vaccinate all those eligible. As in Lombardy, where some inefficiencies have made it difficult to access one's dose of vaccine. The Poste Italiane platform can facilitate booking for new categories of people who will have the opportunity to immunize themselves.

Some Regions have already adopted this system: at the moment the booking through the Italian Post Office is active in Calabria, Sicily, Marche, Abruzzo and Basilicata. Lombardy should also leave in the next few days, although the details are not yet known. However, this is an important novelty, because the new booking method replaces Aria's, which proved to be inefficient. The main difference consists in the fact that, previously, it was possible to give only one's own adhesion to the vaccine. Now, on the other hand, you can directly confirm your appointment, on a range of four available dates.

How to book the vaccine on Poste Italiane

The methods of booking through the Poste Italiane platform are many. Those who belong to the categories currently entitled to be vaccinated can choose their vaccination appointment on the dedicated website, or via the call center by calling the toll-free number 800.009.966 (the service is active from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00, excluding holidays).

Alternatively, you can book at Postamat ATMs, simply by inserting your health card and following the instructions on the monitor. Finally, the service can be requested from postmen who, by running the wizard on their recently updated PDA to deal with the situation, are able to help those who have no way to book their appointment independently.

To continue with the booking, all you need is your personal data and your health card. You can choose not only the date of the appointment, but also the vaccination center where to perform the inoculation, from a list including those available throughout the region. After completing the procedure, patients receive a summary text message which will indicate the date, time and place where the vaccination will take place. At the moment, it is not possible to change the appointment once it has been confirmed.

Who can book through Poste Italiane

It is not yet clear who will be able to access the vaccination by booking through the Poste Italiane platform. In fact, it seems that the subjects belonging to the categories currently being vaccinated will remain in charge with the old system. Therefore, those over 80, school staff and over 60 residing in municipalities considered to be at high risk should be excluded. It is plausible that the platform is accessible to all other categories, naturally according to the order of priority established from time to time.

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