Covid, who can go to the gym and pool and who can’t

Covid, who can go to the gym and pool and who can't

The new anti Covid decree provides for access to swimming pools and gyms starting from 10 January only for those who have the reinforced Green Pass

The list of activities open to the public subject to greater scrutiny is being extended due to the advancement of the Omicron variant. The swimming pools and gyms are no exception, two places under the attention of the legislator and mentioned in the new anti Covid decree approved by the Council of Ministers on 5 January 2022 and published in the Official Journal two days later.

From Monday 10 January to have access to sports and recreational activities inside the swimming pools and gyms, it is in fact necessary to show the reinforced Green Pass.

The Green Pass for the vaccinated and the recovered

The specific green certification necessary for those who currently want to attend swimming pools and gyms is the one issued with vaccination or recovery from Covid: it will therefore not be enough to show the result of a negative, molecular or antigenic swab, to have access to this type of activity that involves , as is evident, close contact with other people that must be made safe at the highest levels guaranteed by current health conditions.

The legislation, formulated in this way, was drafted to prevent, on the one hand, new closures, which would cause serious economic damage to this type of business which has remained dormant in recent seasons for long months, and on the other hand, to allow the resumption of sporting activities for pool and gym users, professional athletes and ordinary customers, who are in a position to carry on their habits in total safety and tranquility.

Reinforced Green Pass: where it is needed and penalties

From Monday 10 January the obligation to possess a reinforced Green Pass is valid for access to swimming pools, swimming centers, ski resorts and ski areas, wellness centers, with regulations also for outdoor areas, sports fields dedicated to team sports and gyms, including showers and changing rooms; some exceptions apply to spas linked to therapeutic and rehabilitative activities.

Until March 31, except for extensions, the managers of these activities are required to check the green certification of the people who want to access: both for failure to check and failure to show the Green Pass, the penalty can have a value between 400 and 1,000 EUR.

Vaccination obligation for over 50s until June

Vaccinations, or rather, the obligation to vaccinate, are the real point on which the decree insists to limit as much as possible the activities of people who are not up to date with the administration of serum, the only barrier to the spread of the Omicron variant, responsible the increase in the number of sick people in our country and beyond. Not only gyms and swimming pools but also restaurants, cinemas and theaters, museums, stadiums and public transport, from buses to trains, festivals and fairs, religious celebrations and ceremonies, shops, as well as work: the reinforced green certification will be an essential requirement for access to all these spaces, public and private.

The scenario is therefore that of a mini lockdown for those who have not yet provided for the vaccination which is mandatory for all Italians or foreigners over 50 residing in Italy, until next June 15, 2022, the date on which the vaccination obligation ends. The state of emergency in Italy is instead active until March 31, 2022.

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