Cream, lotion and body butter: discover the differences to choose well

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Not sure exactly what the differences are between cream, lotion and body butter? We just have to find out together.

Hydration is one of the most important and underrated ways to care for your skin. A hydration routine It not only keeps the skin glowing, but also slows down the signs of aging, while softening rough areas, protecting the skin from environmental damage and replenishing the moisture lost throughout the day.

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But with all the products on the market, how do you choose the right moisturizer for yourself and your skin?

Here are the differences between cream, lotion and body butter

When it comes to skin care products, there is no one size fits all product, so it’s important determine your skin type and needs.

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For this reason we want to help you by listing the various factors that affect the skin’s hydration levels, as well as of course the main differences between cream, lotion and body butter. First, let’s start with factors affecting the skin’s hydration levels. Some may really surprise you.


As you can imagine, each of us is genetically predisposed to certain things. In some cases, these issues they can affect the overall health of the skin. When the body is functioning as it should, genes regulate things like the production and turnover of skin cells. However, from time to time, genes do not function properly in regulating the body. This it can manifest itself with dry skin or other skin conditions.

Bathroom habits

We fully understand that a long, hot shower can be enjoyable, but it’s not necessarily best for the skin. Hot showers and baths they can inflame the skin, cause redness, itching and depriving the skin of vital oils, fats and proteins.

Instead of taking a hot shower or bath, lower the temperature, decrease the residence time and throw away the body cleansers. Many products are formulated with chemicals that damage the skin’s hydration, so it is best to use a completely natural bath and body gel or an exfoliating wash and finish with a high-quality moisturizer.

The environment

Where you spend the most time definitely plays a role in your skin’s moisture levels. Think of the winter months, when you turn on the heating or the air conditioning: your skin dries up completely. Hydration with a body butter, lotion or cream helps to replenish lost moisture due to environmental factors and also acts as a barrier against any contaminants.


Lifestyle choices are very important for overall health. To optimize the brightness of the skin, drink lots of watereat a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, avoid smoking and alcohol if you can, and of course you do physical exercise.

Now that we’ve established the factors that contribute to skin’s hydration levels, let’s find out what exactly they are the differences between cream, lotion and body butter.

Body lotion

Body creams are typically denser than lotions, but not as much as body butters, as they are made up of water and oils. However, the main difference between cream and body butter is the water / oil ratioso the creams are soothing, but not moisturizing and effective like butter for the body itself.

As we have already said, everyone has their own skin needs. What are yours? If you have a dry skin who needs a complete hydration overhaul, we recommend that you opt for the body butter than cream.

Body lotion

The body lotion is mainly formulated with water and some oil, making it an option suitable for almost all skin types. If you’ve ever shopped at the drugstore, you’ve probably noticed that most body moisturizers are lotions.

The latter do not provide penetrating hydration, so if you have super dry skin that needs special attention, it is best to choose a body cream or butter.

Body butter

This is the denser formulation of all body moisturizers. The main difference between body butter and lotion or cream is that butters they can be formulated with a little water, but very little. In addition, they are rich in oils and other highly moisturizing ingredients that quench the skin’s thirst and block hydration by creating a protective skin barrier.

If you have very dry skin or just want to have a nighttime moisturizer, body butter is the right choice for you.

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